Star Wars Costumes For Women

The hottest new trend in the world of cosplay is star wars costumes for women. Women are dressing up as their favorite characters from this iconic franchise, and it’s not just little girls who are participating anymore — grown women are getting into the act too.

However, finding a sexy Star Wars costume for women is not easy.

There are only a few options out there, and most of them aren’t exactly what you would call “sexy.”

But this year, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the sexiest Star Wars costumes for women that money can buy.

You’ll be turning heads all night long in any one of these sexy costumes listed below.

Table of Contents

  1. Sexy Darth Vader Star Wars Costumes For Women
  2. Sexy Princess Leia Star Wars Costumes for Women
  3. Rey Star Wars Costume
  4. Female Stormtrooper Costume
  5. Takeaway

Sexy Darth Vader Star Wars Costumes For Women

The dark side of the force was never so seductive.

The Darth Vader star wars costume will require a few key pieces to pull it all together.

You will need a black jumpsuit and cape, both of which can be found at most costume stores. 

Black leather pants along with a sleeveless sweetheart neckline leather top are also one of the sexiest ways to pull off a Darth Vader costume for women. 

If you want the look to feel more like Darth Vader’s suit in The Force Awakens, we would suggest finding one with an attached shirt front. 

For accessories, you’ll obviously need some sort of mask or helmet as well as a lightsaber. 

Assemble your own lightsaber or purchase one on Amazon to complete this look.

You’ll have all the power to rule over any man or woman, come Halloween night. 

Sexy Princess Leia Star Wars Costumes for Women

Princess Leia’s iconic buns have been gracing bedroom walls for decades now so why not bring them to life with a sexy cosplay costume?

Note: This is truly one of the sexiest Star Wars Halloween costumes for women with confidence to pull it off.

The Princess Leia star wars costume is easily our favorite option on this list because there are two variations to one costume: the classic white robe and the ever so sexy golden bikini.

Princess Leia White Robe Costume: How to Make it Sexy?

While pulling off an all-white costume may seem intimidating, thankfully it doesn’t require much beyond your already existing wardrobe. 

Start by wearing a skin-fitting ankle-length white robe. Choose a dress preferably in silk or satin with a deep-leg slit. 

Purchase a belt resembling that which was worn by Princess Leia and tie it around your waist. This will help accentuate and define your curves, making you look even sexier. 

Next, part your hair in the middle and make two large buns by your ears and secure them with bobby pins and a tonne load of hair spray. Now you’re ready for the final touch, a pair of white boots.

Because Princess Leia is a pretty common cosplay and you can easily find a ready-made costume online.

A Princess Leia costume usually comes with an attached skirt, belt, headband, possibly wrist cuffs, and of course those famous cinnamon roll hairstyles. 

The Sexiest Stars Wars Costume Ever: Princess Leia’s Golden Bikini

Princess Leia in her golden bikini has been a sensation in the world of cosplay for many years now.

It is one of the most popular costumes at comic conventions and it’s easy to understand why.

This costume will require you to find a gold bikini top and golden shorts with a draping skirt to the front and back as is typical of Princess Leia’s gold bikini as well as gold high heels.

If you are looking to take your look up a notch then consider adding in Princess Leia’s famous two-bun hairstyle.

While you can always make this costume at home, it is best to purchase any accessories such as the neck chain and waist belt you might need for the look.

Rey Star Wars Costume

The Rey star wars costume was introduced in The Force Awakens and it has remained a fan favorite ever since.

It’s also one of the most accessible costumes for women because many people already own similar-looking clothes in their wardrobe.

Start by wearing a white tank top with knee-length beige shorts or pants.

You will want them to be loose-fitting so that they can look more like Rey’s outfit when she first appeared on Jakku. 

Wear your hair down or up in a high bun and add some brown boots before completing your look by creatively wrapping a beige cloth around your body like the original Rey’s costume (you may need someone else to help you make this part).

Do not forget to add on two silver armbands just below each shoulder to complete the look.

Female Stormtrooper Costume

The female stormtrooper costume is another classic option that every girl should at least consider.

There are several different variations of these costumes available but the easiest one to create requires you to wear all white clothing including leggings or tights along with tall black boots. 

You will need to purchase an adult-sized Storm Trooper helmet online and then just add in some simple accessories like gloves, blaster gun, utility belt, etc before completing this look with your lightsaber accessory.


As you can see above, there are a variety of sexy Star Wars Halloween costumes for women to choose from whether you create your own or you purchase the individual items you need online.

These sexy costumes are perfect for Halloween, costume parties, conventions, and even just dressing up at home with friends.

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