The Elephant Thong: Why Is This Underwear Piece Driving Women Crazy?

More men are starting to wear the elephant thong and it’s driving women crazy: and for good reason.

Why are men wearing thongs and what’s making women crazy about the new and popular trend?

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What is the Elephant Thong?

The elephant thong can accentuate the look of a man’s penis when it is erect.

This makes for activity in the bedroom between significant others that much more pleasing with a build-up of anticipation. 

While men can purchase elephant thongs in more of a “thong long” that is cut further up towards the crotch area and hugs their buttocks more so, there’s also the option of an “elephant thong” shaped like boxer briefs with the same accentuation effect. 

Some elephant thongs on the market are made with a high-quality modal or plastic material that expands effortlessly once a man has become turned on in the bedroom.

Manufacturers utilizing the stretchy material had the right idea when designing the elephant thong because it makes for a great sculpting effect of the erect penis that’s a turn-on for the man wearing it and the woman witnessing it happen. 

As long as the man purchases the correct size, the elephant thong will be a bit of a tighter fit during sexual intimacy and lightweight otherwise than traditional men’s tighty whities or boxer briefs. 

Why is the Elephant Thong Driving Women Crazy?

Women who are in the bedroom with their man who is wearing an elephant thong are feeling more turned on and desiring foreplay before starting sexual intimacy. 

Men like to increase their sex appeal by wearing an elephant thong and women appreciate the extra effort their men are taking to please them in the bedroom not just with the emotions of sexual intimacy but also the physical aspect to enhance said feelings.

Elephant thongs, whether in the thong fashion or the boxer brief look, help to accentuate not only the family jewels for added sex appeal but also the man’s buttocks for a firmer and rounder look that increases his look of masculinity in the bedroom.

Women are loving the idea of purchasing elephant thongs as a gag gift for the man in their life who may not already have a pair.

You never know if purchasing this gag gift can turn into a fun and kinky tradition in the bedroom that happens whenever you both engage in sexual intimacy. 

Even if a man is not comfortable with how his penis looks while erect, there is a great quality accentuation that occurs when you do become turned on no matter your size. 

Where Can Men Buy Elephant Thongs?

Besides Amazon or at your local adult goods shop, you can try websites such as Joom, Frundies, Walmart, and more. 

Walmart usually offers the cheapest prices of any retailer or other superstore near you, so starting here to find the most affordable elephant thongs would be your best bet. 

Amazon sometimes has coupon offers to apply to your elephant thongs order depending on the vendor offering the product.

Watch for coupon offers on the Amazon listing before adding the product to your cart. 

Joom sometimes has flash sales that last about 20 minutes while you are online where you can get select elephant thong models for a percentage cheaper than their original price.

Browse and compare your options and taking your time to make a final decision could lead to you saving money on your elephant thong. 

Elephant thongs come in a variety of solid colors, patterns, seasonal characters, and more.

You can get standard elephant thongs in different colors such as blue, black, white, and red. If you prefer a fun character (besides an elephant), there are penguins and reindeer thongs for the winter season and even alligators and ducks for year-round fashions.

While they are a little more expensive than regular men’s underwear, purchasing just a couple of pairs is a small investment towards a more fun experience in the bedroom depending on how often you and your partner are intimate throughout the month. 

Why Should a Man Purchase an Elephant Thong?

There are many benefits to a man purchasing an elephant thong besides increasing and enhancing activity in the bedroom including:

  • Breathability and comfortability in contrast to regular men’s underwear
  • Not as tight as original men’s underwear
  • Fewer lines on your crotch area when wearing elephant thongs
  • Not as much chafing because they are looser underwear models 
  • If made with rayon, you do not sweat as much at night while sleeping as if you were wearing a man’s underwear that is made with cotton
  • It could help men with sensitive skin have a better underwear experience depending on the material of the elephant thong that you purchase

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