How To Comfort Someone: Being The Best, Boyfriend, Husband, or even Father

No matter what you are faced with now, always know that the world is rife with anxiety.

Many times you feel that the entire world is against you, heartbroken, sad, overwhelmed, and even make you unable to take care of yourself.

It could be that you are worried about a particular event, or you could have a lot on your mind at that moment.

Even in your tough times, you can remind someone in your life that it is okay for them to feel some type of way at particular points in their lives.

According to Niro Feliciano, a psychotherapist in Wilton, it is essential to consider a persons’ love language, i.e., the way they best understand love and how they feel loved when expressing love or trying to comfort them.

For some people, receiving compliments, encouragement, or even a thank-you note means a lot.

There are numerous approaches you can take to make someone feel better.

Below we’re going to provide you with seven different things you can do in order to show your support and how to comfort someone in need.

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1. Show you care by listening

You can’t force someone to talk about their emotions, especially in pain.

However, the art of listening is a way to show how much you care.

Listening and offering your ear to someone allows them to open up and get your opinion on things without feeling judged or criticized.

You may not have all the answers to their questions, but you could at least make the time to be there and listen.

2. Put thought into your moves

Doing something small but meaningful to show your loved ones that you care makes them feel supported and loved.

It provides the comfort of being able to take care of themselves at a time and place that’s comfortable to them.

Comforting a hurting person can be done with a simple gesture or demonstration of a thoughtful, selfless act.

3. Express your affection for them

Touch is a powerful tool for connecting with others and fostering a sense of safety and security in our lives.

One of the best ways to comfort someone is to hold their hand and put your arm around them or hug them in order to let them know that you’ll be there for them when they need you.

4. Gently reaffirm your belief in them

It is easy to be pessimistic and think that nothing is going right in your life when you are feeling low.

Even if you don’t know how things will get better or how you will see things differently in a few months, having a sense of how things will change in the future can be very beneficial.

You can make them understand these simple facts while reaffirming your belief in them. Knowing and developing the right approach on how to comfort someone shouldn’t be a hassle.

5. Make them know how much you care

Showing someone how much you care for them is one of the easiest things to do.

Everything is always better when people are supported by their loved ones, and you can achieve this by simply listening or doing things for them.

They must be able to understand how important they are.

6. Attendance is required; show up

Haley Neidich, a psychotherapist, believes that being depressed or having a hard time often creates excuses to avoid socializing. This is often true.

It is essential to be there for your loved ones even if they don’t know how to ask or they don’t want you being around them.

To be able to understand how to comfort someone the right way, there’s the need to actually be there for them so they can feel your presence and know that you truly care, even when their actions or words say otherwise.

7. Try to understand what they are passing through

Even though it is not always possible to know what another person is going through or experiencing, it is good to always ask them to share their feelings.

This is yet another way to show someone you care for them and you want to be there for them. Knowing that someone cares about your well-being is the one the best feelings a loved one can ask for.


Allow people the time and space they need to grieve without feeling obliged to move on.

Don’t leave them to fend for themselves; instead, assist them with day-to-day tasks, both those related and those unrelated to the loss, so they can concentrate on what’s important; recovering.

Comforting a loved one isn’t always easy but it’s hard to get it wrong when you’re offering your ear to them.

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