6 Best Privacy Bed Tents For Outdoor Camping

If you are an outdoor camper, chances are you know how hard it is to achieve privacy if you are going to be sleeping under the stars.

Below, you’ll find a list of the 6 best privacy bed tents for outdoor camping.

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1. Privacy Pop’s Bug Tent

Take Privacy Pop’s bug tent on your next camping trip.

All you have to do is set up the bug tent with a mattress or a few blankets to line the floor and you have yourself privacy and protection from the bugs and pests during your camping excursion.

There is a meshy material that keeps you protected from the bugs as you sleep or lounge in your privacy tent.

When you want some air to come in, you can have the mesh screen show. Once you are ready for privacy, you can put down the dark cover. 

The bug tent folds up into a convenient circular shape that can be easily stored in the branded carrying bag as you travel between camping destinations or to home. 

2. Alvantor Bed Canopy Tent for Camping

The Alvantor bed canopy tent can be equipped with a mattress or placed directly on the ground floor.

You can install the tent as a hanging tent to get dressed or an instant or pop-up tent for relaxing and sleeping. 

You can enter the tent from either side for easier accessibility and you can rest assured that the tent is durable due to the fiberglass tent rods and sturdy framework.

There is a storage pocket and a light hook inside the tent to customize your sleeping and lounging experience.

Simply detach the privacy curtain when needed to conveniently wash it in your washing machine.

Colors: Blue, gray, black, and pink.

Sizes: There are 4-bed types including twin, queen, king, and bunk twin.

3. Skywin Bed Tent Privacy Pop Up

The Skywin bed tent privacy pop-up with a fiberglass frame and it’s one of the more durable bed tents on the market.

It fits only a twin mattress or line with many blankets and comforters while you are camping

It’s a versatile space that can be used for lounging and enjoying a meal at your campsite or relaxing before it’s time for bed at night. 

The best perk of this product is that it is autism-approved for those who battle this condition and need a space to escape.

If you are autistic but love camping, this would be a great privacy tent for you.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is a one-month money-back guarantee. 

4. Abco Sport Tech Pop Up Tent

The Abco Sport Tech pop-up tent is not only a privacy tent, but also keeps out harmful UV sun rays and is water-resistant for all inclement weather that could happen on your camping trip.

It acts as an instant, pop-up, or automatic tent. 

The tent is very breathable with mesh windows and nylon privacy windows that can be put over these windows.

While privacy tents usually only fit one person, the Abco Sport Tech pop-up tent can fit at least 2 people. 

With a 100% risk-free guarantee, the manufacturer guarantees you will love this tent or your money back.

You can choose to get a 2-year sporting goods protection plan on Amazon to further solidify the security in your purchase. 

5. Kazoo Family Camping Tent

Even if it’s just you on your outdoor excursion, you can have so much room with this family camping tent that doubles as a privacy tent because of its darker tan color that no one can see inside unless you have the one flap unzipped.

The central pole will not rust in the elements.

The framework is sturdy and weather-proof to hold up during any outdoor adventure.

There’s a 3,000m rating for the weather-proof material. 

Customize your lounging and sleeping experience where you can split up the tent into separate tents for a different purpose in each section.

Your purchase comes with a 2-year warranty that will make you feel that your purchase is more valuable and secure. 

6. Wakeman Outdoors 2-Person Pop Up Tent

The Wakeman Outdoors 2-person pop-up tent doubles as a privacy tent with its mesh windows and polyester drop-down flaps that cover these windows.

The 2 metal tent poles and 2 fiberglass tent stakes poles as well as easy assembly make this a sturdy framework that will withstand the elements.

As a plus, the tent’s polyester material is all-weather and water-resistant. 

Your tent usage can go beyond outdoor camping and you can take it to the beach as a shady area if you are camping in the summer. 

The manufacturer has a 30-day limited warranty for this tent in case there are any product malfunctions. 

Scope Out Your Options

No matter your reasoning for wanting a privacy tent, we hope you have found a great option that works for you on your next camping adventure.

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