10 Ideas for an Affordable and Fun Date Night

Few things in life are more important than our relationships with the people we love. Yet all too often, we take these relationships for granted, or worse, we neglect them completely.

A romantic getaway is a perfect way to reconnect with your loved one and rekindle the fires of love and passion. Here are ten ideas for an affordable and fun date night that will help you fall in love all over again.

Go for a sunset walk on the beach or in the park

Going away to a new place for a romantic time can be incredibly fun, whether you are staying at a beautiful hotel like The Quoin Hotel or you are spending time in a quaint cottage, a sunset walk in a new place will always bring a spark back into the relationship by taking in the stunning views of a new area.

Visit a local fair or carnival

If it is fun you are looking for on your romantic time away, check and see if they are having a carnival or fair the weekend you are going to inject some much-needed excitement into your trip. You can play all sorts of games and ride rollercoasters, it will be none stop fun with a dash of romance.

Attend a wine tasting event

Nothing better than spending some time drinking some good wine with a loved one. You can sample different types, gather more knowledge on the wine, and by the end of the event, you can each buy a wine for the other and save it for a special date night.

Make homemade pizzas together

Food is truly the language of love and making it yourselves together can be a lot of fun, plus, you may want to use this time to add in that wine you got so you can make it a really special dinner for the both of you.

Go strawberry picking at a local farm

During fruit picking seasons, there are many events going on for people to come and fill their baskets with the fruit of their choice. You can go together and have a friendly competition to see who can pick the most strawberries in a set amount of time. Competitive – sure, but it can also create a lot of laughs.

Take a dance class together

Dancing is a very sensual thing to take part in, this can be especially true with some dances like the salsa or tango, so if you both want to give it a try it can be a wonderful way to inject some romance. But, if you both are terrible it can be fun to just go there and laugh at each other falling over yourselves.

Go on a hike or nature walk

Nature has a lot of beauty in it, so picking a time and day to go for a lovely hike in good weather or a stroll in a nature park will be a lovely way for you both to have a relaxing outdoor day that can make you feel more connected to nature and each other.

Take a cooking class together

If you have messed up the pizzas you made, do not worry! You can always take a cooking class together to bone up on your skills as well as learn some new dishes to have on those home date nights. You do not need to be a chef to impress your loved one. They know when care has gone into the food.

Make a scrapbook of all your memories together

Been together a while? Made many memories and had a lot of fun? A scrapbook can be a perfect way to document that and have something for you both to look at as the years go on, as well as pass on down through the family so the story of your love is always known and cherished even when you are gone.

Get massages or spa treatments together

Staying away for a weekend means that you both get to enjoy things you normally would not do when at home, so having spa treatments in the hotel or going to a masseuse for a relaxing, and much-desired, massage is just what you both need to relax on your romantic break away.


These above are just a few ideas to get you started. The important thing is to spend time together and have fun! After all, that is what love is all about.

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