XXY Style Lounge:Beauty’in within

XXY Style Lounge:Beauty’in within

XXY Style Lounge:Beauty’in within

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Quench your thirst, relieve your stress levels, promote brain function and enhance your skins natural glow all in just 12 calories – impossible right? Apparently not this fashion week.

Making the impossible possible this LFW are beauty’in, the official drink sponsor for SS14, keeping fashion week brimming with beautiful health. Beauty’in have created a new generation in drink called ‘Beauty Drink’.

One bottle contains key nutrients clinically proven to lessen the effect of cortisol stressors and increase serotonin production. The result? Why only the sensations of calm and content. With dull gloomy days hastily approaching this canny little beauty drink will not only help prevent your skin from loosing its summer luminosity but help to fend off those drab days with mood uplifting ingredients.

Beauty’in products also contain hydrolyzed collagen (one of the biggest molecules in the human body responsible for building fibres and giving support to the skin). Clinical studies have proven that beauty’in products improve skin’s elasticity and firmness by up to 31%, reduce wrinkle debt by up to 38% and increase hydration and luminosity of the skin by up to 41% – with 0% sugar and preservatives. But wait, before you start your plot to buy it by the bulk load, there’s more.

With eight inticing flavours to choose from and combinations of vitamins, minerals, organic fruit extracts and digestible hydrolyzed collagen, all of which are kept naturally preserved in the patented dosing cap (blastcap technology) we at XXY have gone a little mad for this far from bombastic delight. After the powder is released from the cap, the natural ingredients are immersed into mineral water, freshly fusing the two elements together, all for the cause of hydration with assets beyond the norm.

Only a week into their 2 week long pop-up shop at Harvey Nichols Beauty’in have got the fashion lot feeling feisty after this season’s slog. Featuring not only their beauty drink but also showcasing their complete beautifying range that delves from the wonders of healthy snacks to beautytea and beautycandy. The entire beauty’in range is now available at a select eight Revital stores and are soon to be launched nationwide later on this year. So, anyone feeling a burst of thirst?

Text : Fenn O’Meally | Deputy Editor