XXY Presents: Noble People

XXY Presents: Noble People

Last weekend saw the launch of an exciting new creative label, Noble People. Why exciting, you may ask? Well, XXY and Noble People have a little something in common: both are interested in the scouting and nurturing of young and talented creatives. Selecting artists within the fields of music, fashion, art and photography, Noble People provides a multidisciplinary platform for up-and-coming talent. At a time when young creatives are seeking to break into the industry whilst also needing to pay the rent and put food on the table, the label recognises the demand for an in-house networking system. Whilst honouring the individual artist’s idiosyncratic style and vision, the label provides creatives with an opportunity to combine their respective skills, producing collaborative works that showcase the consolidation of their talents.

Amsterdam-based music producer, Bruno Verhaar’s addictive single, “At Home” provided the team with an opportunity to pull their skills together in creating his music video. Photographer, Joseph Reddy along with Undine Markus and Louis Schreyer produced, directed and filmed the video which showcases Noble People’s designer, Carolina Fernandez’s creations. Bruno’s six-track EP, “Bruno HTML” is set for release in January 2016 and consists of heavy basslines, synths and broken samples which utilise the sounds of video gaming and the internet, defining his sound as resolutely contemporary.

Fernandez, together with Abigail Fletcher constitutes Noble’s fashion team and present “Patina” as their inaugural piece. Fernandez places emphasis upon forward thinking structures. Here, she subverts traditional macramé techniques to simultaneously resist and compliment the human body. Fletcher’s interest lies in the relationship between science and design: her use of the oxidisation process challenges the fabric’s initial properties generating innovative texture and form.

“Collision/Divide” by artist, Ted Targett demonstrates a similar desire to defy materials’ original intent. Targett embeds everyday objects, sketch-like doodles and photographic images amongst acrylic appliques, oil and spray paint. The large scale of his canvases allows the varying textures and shapes to secure a meaning in their own right, whilst contributing to an overall engagement into the amalgamated form. Targett’s pieces create the illusion of boundless space, and his working process is mimetic of this; he often paints over his work, deconstructing his past intentions to adapt to the present.

Joseph Reddy’s photography draws upon the Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi, which regards beauty as arising from transient and flawed subjects. “Constructed Horizon” captures the abandoned debris of a German company amidst an otherwise barren landscape in the Indian desert. The ignorantly discarded smatterings of Western industrialisation point towards a bleak subject matter, yet the equipment’s warm tones and Reddy’s astute compositions salvage the solemnity. Instead, forming the impression of a hauntingly tranquil landscape that takes solace in its imperfections.

Finally, Noble People’s limited-edition merchandise range, designed by the team, is an extension of their overarching aesthetic: confident, cool and clean. Sourced and made in Britain, the minimalistic range allows the high-quality fabric and perfectly executed cuts to speak for themselves. The items will be available commencing their website launch in December. But, fear not. If you simply can’t wait until then, pop down to the Soho Revue Gallery this weekend to snap up the pieces, see the art, fashion and photography and also catch some live musical performances.

Written by Olivia Hird,

Culture Editor


Soho Revue Gallery,

14 Greek Street,



Opening times:

Tues 1st//2-6pm

Wed 2nd//2-6pm