XXY Presents: the Silicone Designer Hannah Williams

XXY Presents: the Silicone Designer Hannah Williams

 Hannah Williams, UCA Epsom graduate, now based in London, received high praise during her debut at Graduate Fashion Week.  She was not only given the honour of presenting at GFW, Hannah Williams also won the Womenswear Award and Innovation Award at Graduate Fashion Week. Her most recent SS14 collection drew inspiration from artist, Daniel Arsham and Roman sculpture.

From first inspection of her SS14 collection, the aura of her design is soft and delicate with bold, daring intuitions. Starting with her first piece presented on the runway, Hannah Williams reveals a stunning elongated dress featuring an oversized zipper embellishment tracing from the neck to the hem of the dress. The dress is comprised of one fabric, but tricks the eye to see it as an “unzipping” and exposure of another piece underneath. Hannah Williams doesn’t limit herself to just dresses; silicone skirts, long and short sleeved blouses, wide legged trousers and a clean-cut trench coat are also within the set. Some blouses are decorated with impressions that resemble lace and beaded work. As the collection continues, the colour theme used throughout becomes evident and adds to the “softness” of the ensemble. Ranging from muted pastel pinks and purples, milky whites, and stone-cold greys, the hues are complimented by simplistic silhouettes accomplishing a perfectly minimal aesthetic. Hair and makeup was ethereal and very natural as were the shoes which were simple white open-toed platform sandals with a single-banded ankle cuff. The overall presentation was intricate and applaudable.

Hannah Williams has the stunning ability to take silicone – a synthetic material not easy to use in clothing – and advance its purpose into womenswear. The silicone resembles so much of what neoprene would perhaps look like if laminated: smooth, glossy and seamless. Her work of manipulation and fabric choice is impeccable. Her aesthetic is far from shy yet still conservative, fragile yet sturdy, brazen but not arrogant or absurd. Her technique truly deserved the recognition it got.

Written by Somto Barbra


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