After reading this feature go listen to Antonio Paul (we’ve even included their SoundCloud here, there’s no excuse), then tell your friends to.

Make a playlist, share it, blast it from your car – or your earphones on the tube – sing along to it, dance to it, make Antonio Paul’s electronic rock vibe and signature genre versatility the soundtrack to your Spring.

“Who is he though?” you ask. Well Antonio Paul is certainly not a guy from Italy who knows his way around a mixing deck. He’s two guys, Marc Antonio and Michael Paul, from Australia. Who know their way around drums, guitars, keys… And a mixing deck.

At XXY we’ve been selfish, we’ve been blasting out this duo’s third EP ‘Modern Daze’ since before you were deciding which Christmas wrapping paper to buy. Now we’re feeling generous and we’ve decided to spread the Antonio Paul love.

But first, we had to know more.


And we wanted to hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth. Except for the reasoning behind kanji on the cover of their latest EP, that will remain one of life’s mysteries.

Read on for some exclusives from the lovely 24-year olds talents.


You’ve been likened to Vampire Weekend, Pharrell, Calvin Harris… Where do you see yourself in this mix?
Marc Antonio
These comparisons reveal to me how many people could be, and are, confused about what our sound is, or even how to define and pinpoint it, and I feel directly responsible for that, but it could also spark enough curiosity for the reader to take a listen, who knows?

Michael Paul They are all not rock’n’roll. I have failed as a guitarist.


So how would you describe your sound?
I would say like sonic television shows. Our sound is forever changing, comparable to a beloved TV show changing its location, but the characters, morals and stories remain congruent.

MP Like two guys who listen to every type of music and who get bored very quickly.


Quite! You do change genres on your EPs the way most people change their socks, what encouraged you to take this musical direction?
It wasn’t all intentional, I guess we started Antonio Paul when we were quite young, so as we grew up our influences and music grew with us, followed by a conscious desire to not be defined or limited.

MP The rate and availability of music generated nowadays, following the boom of affordable home recording equipment, in conjunction with the rise of the internet, has birthed a wide and endless variety of music and artists. So I guess ultimately we are just a product of this.


Sydney and Melbourne are known as the musical epicentres of Australia- why have you based yourself in Bunbury?
Hmm, good question. I personally love living in a beach side town, being away from everything and everyone, the peace and clarity that it brings is incomparable. I love the city too though. It’s where the fun and excitement lives. But for me, living in a congested and gridlocked area is just too claustrophobic – that got really hippy really fast!

MP I think we’re both two very reserved and solitary people, so a country as isolated as Australia, and a place as isolated as Bunbury is eminently suitable for us

So what inspires your music in this self-imposed solitary confinement?
I’ve always lived by the doctrine ‘You can’t sing the blues until you’ve lived through the blues’ so this dogma carries throughout my songwriting. I only write about my own experiences and personal discoveries, But sometimes, like in Coloured Screens, it’s just shit that makes me laugh.

MP My reflection inspires me daily!


High school animosity and Seth Cohen? Join the dots please.
We literally disliked each other in high school until we found out that we both watched The OC, it changed everything! You could actually say that Seth Cohen is the reason why Antonio Paul exists.

MP We even had our very own comic book club… we were the only members.


You started out in 2010 – what have been some highlights over the years?
Releasing three EPs, hearing five of our songs on national radio, a couple of festivals and some tour support slots.

Any scandalous stories from your past that you’d like to reveal?
MA Our rider was stolen by a support band once, because they were unhappy with their playing time.

MP And our first synth players quit on stage. Also a few of our songs have been played for wedding proposals and one for a funeral. These facts are deeply humbling.

Where would you like to be in the next 5 years?

MP Oh God!! Don’t put that kind of pressure on me!


What are your plans for 2015?
We’re always recording and slowly working towards a full length album.
MP Highlight the word ‘slowly’.


The Australian music scene doesn’t often stretch far above the equator, spread the love and give us one Aussie band we should be listening to right now.

MP) Methyl Ethel


Interview by Clarissa Waldron

Picture via pigeonsandplanes.com