XXY Presents: Alcatrz "Mean It"

XXY Presents: Alcatrz "Mean It"

Alcatrz has nailed the art of the teaser – dropping hints of his upcoming releases across social media with excerpts of beats and video clips, which is followed by us trying to get our hands on the full preview ahead of the release date.

We have kept our eye on Alcatrz since we first launched his debut single and video on our site last year. A self-styled and produced artist, you would be easily mistaken to think there was a massive production team behind the musician. Alcatrz has a hands-on approach to everything, mixing everything himself in his bedroom, and a cool crowd of friends to help direct and produce the accompanying super-slick video releases.

The new single whets our appetite for more from the artist, whose full EP, “Random Thoughts Of An Italian Negro”  will be released later in the year. The track is catchy enough on its own but the visuals draw you in with influences from across the internet, nailing the style of pop-culture at the moment: excessive, neon-lit and super glossy. Watch the video here to get hooked on Alcatrz as much as we have.


Written by Laura Wells,



Directed: Alcatrz & Vasilisa Forbes

Stage design: Emily Cole

Head Of Photography/DOP: Stefan Otto

Stylist: Sarah Booth

Photographer: Igor Pjoort