XXY Meets Alexa Horgan

XXY Meets Alexa Horgan

XXY Meets Alexa Horgan

Your recent editorial with XXY manipulates clever lighting and the shoot’s setting, defining an atypical fresh look. How does this compare to your previous work and what inspired your recent piece with us?

As strong as this conclusion may be I feel that menswear is about ‘structure’ – structured tailoring should never fail on the male form.. I built an editorial around this concept of structure. In all my work I like to play with the idea of sets to house either an art or fashion narrative within at the same time as keeping it clean and using minimal colour. We played with a lot of structures from wood to metal to the interior of a warehouse. The lighting challenged my regular set up and we gained some really interesting fashion images.

What was it like working with all male model cast?

I could not of asked for a better team with such a relaxed attitude you get seem to get working with menswear. The guys worked really well together and knew how to get the exact look needed. Max and Joey are both very talented and I hope to work with them again… watch this space.

The garments featured were very simplistic, how did you work with this element to get the most out of each piece? 

Well, we tried to highlight the interesting details whether it was a collar, texture or cut out in a jacket in the shots – each garment built a great structured tailoring on the guys. It’s great to be showcasing some creative graduate pieces. I am a big fan of menswear and there were so many pieces I would of bargained to take away with me!

 As a student, you’re constantly learning and developing within your study, what would you say was most influential to you’re development this year, and what advice would you give to other aspiring professional creatives?

The past year has enabled me to begin to develop a style. I think that’s the most important advice I can give to any creative – distinguish yourself from others – make yourself known.

What have you taken most from the your time spent assisting over the past year?

The opportunity to assist provides you a flavour for the industry as well as a great harness to absorb creative outputs and general technical information. I really enjoy assisting, you learn so much and you meet inspiring people.

So, your just about to start your 2nd year of your BA in Photography, what do you expect most from this year? And what should we expect from you?

Ah, now that would be telling!

You’re clearly extremely talented, from just looking at your previous work, it doesn’t take much to realise how driven and mature your work is, but in which direction do you intend to drive yourself next?

 I am always poking at the story – I am interested in people’s stories, it’s a toffee I keep chewing. With portraiture you always have so much to gain and learn from your subject. Neurological disorders have hinted to the root of some of my work – as people who have a disorder see the world differently and that’s what photography is about essentially.

I constantly figet over the idea of building things to place the subject within, its another thing to let the eye to be dysfunctionally distracted by. Fashion and art photography allows you to build theses sets so over the next few months I want to focus on my fashion work.

Experience and networking is a key skill in the industry, is there anyone you’re itching to work with or assist?

I am always keen to assist and learn from others. I admire the work of Jacob Sutton as its so broad and Ismaël Moumin’s fashion work. Scandinavian design is literally delicious; I think the clean, minimalistic and neutral palette work as the fundamentals of building such provocative fashion imagery. That’s the look I crave to my work.

Interview : Fenn O’Meally. | Deputy Editor

For more information on Alex Horgan : www.alexahorgan.com



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