XXY Magazine's 2015 highlights

XXY Magazine's 2015 highlights

“Although attending the Holly Fulton show at LFW was fantastic, the highlight of being on the XXY team this year was the XXY in Conversation talk about what it’s really like to work in the fashion industry and on a magazine. The venue was brilliant, the panellists were inspiring and the discussion was unforgettable. A truly outstanding event that will hopefully be one of the first of many more to come!”

Victoria Rodrigues, Sub-Culture Editor

“As a new member of the team, the reason I was drawn to the brand and continue to work for XXY is simply due to their relentless effort of publishing quality articles and visuals which challenge and confront conformity. XXY dare to be different and I feel that through the continued hard work of the team, which must be stressed, we are succeeding with this goal.”

Megan Staunton, Marketing and Social Media Assistant

“It’s been such an amazing year; being able to seem the team really grow and create not simply a magazine but a complete creative hub. It’s this collection of inspiring people which has really driven not just myself, but everyone to continually push each other and develop how we and others view XXY Magazine.”

Georgina Dunn, CEO/ Director 

“2015 has been a major year for XXY. We’ve grown as a whole especially with the launch of the new site as a huge and exciting milestone in the ongoing XXY story. XXY is a family of supportive and inspirational individuals, and although this year is ending with me sadly stepping down from my position to move into a new company, I can’t wait to see what comes next in 2016 for the magazine. I love everyone dearly and keep your eyes peeled on all members of the team for big things to come.”

Laura Wells, Head of Social Media

“Working for a magazine who endeavour to publish important and thought-provoking content is highly motivating and continues to inspire me with every feature. There are so many creative minds behind XXY whom I feel I have learnt so much from and I believe there to be such an exciting future for the magazine with the support of an ambitious and intellectual team.”

Emily Harris, Marketing and Social Media Assistant

“I love that we as a team create content which isn’t faffy or bullshit. This general attitude across XXY has been pushed further through countless collaborations, talking to university students, and sit- down conversations with our favourite creatives about general life and banana bread. Someone once said to me “You didn’t change my mind but you made me see it from a different perspective” which made me feel like I was in the highest heaven as that is what we’re attempting to do. Other than being blessed with this publication for three years now and a fabulous team who put up with my fangirling over Phiney Pet and Clio Peppiatt- they are the highlight of 2015. Their continuous hard work, are the reason for these successes whether it was our Confetti Crowd editorial, putting out the chairs for our panel talk or coming up with theme ideas. But I also have to admit, meeting Tinie Tempah is pretty high up there in my 2015 highlights. I mean, he basically asked me to marry me when he said hello, right? It would have been rude not to fawn/ squeal/ tell him our wedding details.”

Tahmina Begum, CEO/ Editor-in-Chief

“Is it really disgustingly corny to quote Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film ‘Joy’? I’m going to anyway… ‘The only thing you’re gonna have is what you make’. Looking back on the last year, I’m proud of all that past and current members of the team have gone on to do and are doing; with John holding it down at Louis Vuitton, Fenn tackling the world one city at a time, Francesca studying her masters abroad, Tahmina and Georg being pro jugglers of absolutely everything and Laura going on to Grenson whilst maintaining the position of my guardian angel. I’m always humbled to be surrounded by such driven people and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for everyone, or rather, what everyone brings to 2016.”

Leanne Westbury, Creative Director

A general huge thank you to those who have worked with us in any form this year- see you in 2016.


Images via @tahminaxbegum Instagram, Anna Dziczkaniece and of our own. 






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