XXY Magazine x Good Girl Gang T-Shirt Collaboration Is Here

XXY Magazine x Good Girl Gang T-Shirt Collaboration Is Here

You are what you wear was exactly the thinking we had in mind when collaborating with Good Girl Gang. Based in the Midlands, Good Girl Gang felt like the perfect fit: they were already an independent printer, run by women who made t-shirts for la culture and truly believed in the power of the message.

This past year has been an experience – from working with fonts, the right colouring (who knew there could be these many hues of yellow?) to thinking where the text would be placed on both male, female and non-binary bodies. I truly have a new found respect for independent designers.

It was essential for us to partner with a company that not only understood our ethos, but matched it too, XXY and Good Girl Gang came up with three different T-shirts which embody both our brands. The first was #PayYoungCreatives. We wanted a simple tee that said the obvious but we all know common sense isn’t so common, so let this act as your reminder.

The second t-shirt design was #AllPronounsAreValid. As XXY Magazine began as an online platform to discuss gender, the power of sex and being non-binary almost six years ago, this of course had to reflect in our merch. But in addition to this, as both XXY Magazine and Good Girl Gang is run by cisgendered women who come from backgrounds that are not supportive towards the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important we know and recognise our privilege, questioning and acting upon breaking down those barriers. Even if it’s just being asked: “what does your T-shirt mean?”

The third T-shirt design is #StartToUnlearn. In a culture of ‘cancelling’ others and sometimes being witness to a hostile online environment that is not inclusive towards debate, this T-shirt is a reminder that we all once didn’t know what we do now. It’s also a way to encourage ourselves and others to look introspectively and think about the things we can all start to undo.

But lastly, we couldn’t just make these T-shirts for us. Each month, 10% of the profits will go to a different charity voted by you, our readers.

To browse the non-binary collection that spans from sizes XS-XL, check out our store here. And when you take a picture, remember to tag XXY Magazine and Good Girl Gang with the hashtag #XXYxGG. Now, go and say it with your chest.