XXY Magazine Presents a Conversation on Colourism and Beauty Standards

XXY Magazine Presents a Conversation on Colourism and Beauty Standards

Colourism is real. One of the key problems with the lack of representation and diversity in the west for those who are from minority ethnic backgrounds is the play on stereotypes. From playing the villain and being dark-skinned to only casting beauty in certain forms – there is no denying the influence these shallow depictions of people has on the larger public and how we, learn to view ourselves and those around us.

Therefore, for #TheRepresentationIssue, it was imperative we bring you an event and panel focusing on this topic alone, featuring the right people to discuss it. Here is the line up for the next segment for #LetsTalkAboutIt: A Conversation on Colourism and Beauty Standards.

Chidera Eggerue is a blogger at The Slumflower, speaker, ICA arts ambassador and Creative Director at Innclusive – a holiday rental app similar to AirBnb who actually do not discriminate against races. Chidera recently discussed colourism in the houses of parliament to relay knowledge which should not be dismissed.

Co-Founder of ThandieKay, Kay Montano brings you weekly content focusing on empowering young black and brown voices. Kay also has a background in high fashion and celebrity beauty and has a deep interest in what we depict as beautiful in the social media age.

Faiyaz Kolia is a writer and photographer capturing and turning the world around on his travels. His 360 way of seeing the world will bring a refreshing take onto the panel.

Last but definitely not least is CEO and Founder of Sheer Chemistry – Tahlia Gray. Sheer Chemistry reinvents the word “nude” in a multitude of colours. It’s basically what millions of women have waited for.

We will be chatting about personal experiences, how colourism affects different communities in the UK and what steps we can take forward to change how generations above and below perceive beauty. It’s a free event so all that is needed is to RSVP here and sign up to our newsletter. See you there for a real education.


Written by Tahmina Begum,



“XXY Magazine presents a Conversation on Colourism and Beauty Standards” will be held at WAH nails Soho on August 10th, RSVP to the Eventbrite and sign up to our newsletter for free access. There is only a limited selection of seats available.