XXY Festival In Collaboration With Help Refugees

XXY Festival In Collaboration With Help Refugees

We’re excited to announce that XXY Magazine are teaming up with Help Refugees – a fantastic non profit organisation that provides aid and advocate for refugees, supporting projects worldwide with funding, food, shelter and volunteers.

Hosting a series of events across the UK in the upcoming months and collaborating with this grassroots charity, we’re pleased to announce our first event will be held in London at the end of April, with the theme of Conversation vs. Change.

Our city stop tour will continue on in Birmingham, Nottingham and wrapping up in Manchester. *Expect a range of panel talks from industry experts, activity sessions from upcoming creatives, and advice on how to impact the change you want to see from Help Refugees.

In the spirit of collaboration we’re hosting a nationwide call out to our friends, family and followers to lend a hand to support this cause. We’re looking for creatives to host masterclasses, brands to donate items for our charity raffle and for everyone to spread the word and buy a ticket for one of our many events.

Can you lend a hand? If you want to reach out and get involved in this project, please email tahmina.begum@xxymagazine.com with ‘Help Refugees’ as the subject line.


*Please get in touch if you’d like us to come to a city near you!

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"When asked to create the logo for an infant charity with the singular ambition to 'Help Refugees', I knew immediately what direction I should take. There was a vast amount of contradictory rhetoric across the media at the time, I wanted to somehow include this feeling in the image. No matter who you are in the world, refugee or otherwise, we all have a heart, by heart I mean we all have the capacity for compassion, empathy and love. By using barbwire as the substance of the heart I wanted to highlight the inherent barriers, both physical and metaphorical, we erect when it comes to helping those who do not necessarily come from the same community as each other. Help Refugees has since grown into one of the most important charities in the world, I’m immensely proud that my artwork is associated with compassion, kindness, empathy, and perhaps most importantly, humanity." Thank you @HaydenKays for designing our logo, and for being such an important friend and supporter from the moment we started.

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