Monmouth Coffee


Giving coffee a good roasting since 1978, our caffeine comrades at Borough Market’s Monmouth have fine-tuned our taste buds. With huge emphasis on sourcing their beans from single farms, estates and cooperatives, Monmouth captures quality, culture and of course comfort in as much as a mug! Those of you hooked to the good stuff, like we are, can buy by the bag load with a selection of beans sourced from Africa to the South Pacific. Try it for yourself, we like the hum-drum of the Borough Market shop, but there’s no doubt Covent Garden and Bermondsey will steal your hearts.

Images Courtesy of: www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk


Pretty Green- Teenage Cancer Trust


As you well know, we at XXY admire a good quality brand. We also admire a good quality trust. So when Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green, joined forces with Teenage Cancer Trust, our already sky high respect for the fresh faced brand summited. For their most recent design of exclusive limited edition t-shirts and pin badges, the effortlessly cool Pretty Green crew have teamed up with comic book artist, Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of virtual band Gorillaz. Hewlett, renowned for his iconic graphics, makes his mark with three timeless prints, popping in a white guitar pin-badge, all in good spirit! Grab a piece of the collaboration cake at either the Carnaby Street, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle or Birmingham store, or online at PrettyGreen.com. Take it from us, it’s totally guilt free!

Image Courtesy of: www.teenagecancertrust.org



 Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.36.44

This week our eyes have caught the hat tipping talent of LCF graduate, Dinu. The Romanian designer’s recent collection, of wool-felt caps, combines the modernism of Perspex with a playful pinch of pompom. Trimmed to simple perfection, the unisex design comes in tones from ivory to red. Whether you’re a mad hatter or simply enjoy a dose of good quality design, take a peek at www.dinubodiciu.com

Images Courtesy of: www.dinubodiciu.com


Southbank Christmas Market 


We’re all about late nights and a few fairy lights when it comes to Christmas time. So when Southbank Christmas market has it by the chalet load, it’s kind of hard not to melt at the scene, even in such nippy times! The traditional German style Christmas Market parades a pathway of handcrafted charm, from authentic leather bounds to alpaca knits. With an atmosphere not to be missed, we say set out 6pm, grab a mulled wine and a mooch, all in time for the daily 7pm choir kick off.

16 November – 24 December

Monday – Friday 11am – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 10pm


Image Courtesy of: www.visitlondon.com


Text Courtesy of: Fenn O’Meally