Designer William Francis Green Debuts The "Feel Don't Think" Collection

Designer William Francis Green Debuts The "Feel Don't Think" Collection

The inspiration behind “FEEL DON’T THINK” initially responds to the ideas of healing, a prevalent theme in today’s fractured society. The collection aims to reference healing from both physical and mental standpoints. But also an approach to mental healing where references are pulled from the ideology’s of spiritual teachers, who’s beliefs are rooted in mindfulness and the notion of being constantly present without distraction of thought, hence the title of the collection. Fashion designer William Francis Green discusses his latest collection in his own words.

“The “Feel Don’t Think RTW” collection was a derivative from my BA graduate collection. I wanted to translate the codes of the art nouveau and arts and crafts movements within everyday, functional clothing. The initial shapes of the pieces referenced hospital-wear, where the clothing as its root, must be practical and embody the connotations of healing, a prominent intention of the collection.

I was named after renowned craft worker, writer and activist William Morris (and his brother after collaborator Edward Burne-Jones). The incursion of Pre-Raphaelite symbolism and ornamentation is highly recognisable throughout the pieces. Morris’ discipline of woven tapestries and decorative illustrations is what I had the desire to subvert, by applying the traditional notions of cross- stitch in a contemporary manner within a sportswear fabrication. This modernised Art Nouveau surface design also intends to serve a functional purpose.

It’s very important to me that all the pieces were hand made and printed myself. This keeps the production process as internal as possible and reinforces the idea of an ethical, hand-crafted product that wasn’t part of a sweatshop production line. I have no investment, no interns, no outsourced labour, no distribution or promotional team. I want to be involved in all parts of the process so everything is done to my standards. I feel it’s the only way to create a pure and unique product in today’s dishonest and disposable society.

I don’t want retailers unnecessarily ramping up the price of my clothing, so I’ve made it as direct and as transparent as possible with my own shop. I know designers that write “Made in the UK” on clothes when that isn’t the case. Consumers are being lied to, and it’s not all their responsibility to be conscious of the moral implications what they’re buying.”

-William Francis Green

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