XXY Magazine Takes A Moment for Westminster Attack

XXY Magazine Takes A Moment for Westminster Attack

Style is a weird thing. Fashion will always be. There has consistently been a fine line between using fashion to elevate your stance (or make sure it looks like it) whether it be what you wear to the office, the meta selfie you take, the different people you become depending on who you want to be and what you want to show that day. Online and offline.

But when I scroll through Instagram on an evening when there has been what police have called a terrorist attack at Westminster Abbey – an area only half an hour away from me with some killed, several injured, there’s a sense of guilt when even posting an ironic caption of a fashion book on Instagram. And I don’t mean to sound obnoxiously self-deprecating, boo-hoo the fashion girl can’t post her #ootd. It’s not that at all.

After furiously taking in all news sources for any updates on what has happened on my bus route home and then coming home to find out how everyone else’s day in the world has been today and seeing as I mainly follow modern artists, icons I aspire to be one day and dope women, I’m hit by one wonderful shiny photo after another. And then the feeling occurs. And the problem isn’t that people are getting on with their lives, especially those around the world, which it technically doesn’t effect (does it affect them seeing as we’re now “global citizens”? Maybe that’s another piece) and the problem for sure is not fashion or what’s branded as it’s evil twin – vanity.

The problem isn’t even in those moments when I’m checking how XXY’s social channels have done statistically today and the vomit-jerking questions tries to escape my throat by asking “What’s the point of all of this, what are we doing, what do we solve, how are we helping” because I know, and man I know, that what we do, cannot be quantified and checked into What Really Matters In The World Box as that shit does not exist. I know fashion, the arts, the myriad of thoughts we have on this platform soothes some souls and all the better, pisses other’s off.

It’s not even the fact that I’m Muslim, brown and female and run a publication and this being rare in itself, feel a need to write something – to defend religion or why we as a platform post “pretty” photographs. I am not here for politeness.

But I think I’ve realised what it is.

It isn’t anything new, just the incessant, repeated, even deja vu feeling that nothing is stopping. Everything is continuing. I’m not writing this to be gloomy to the thousands of you but it is the exact same feeling of grief. But for a city.

London may not have been struck ‘the worst’ and regardless of what is happening in the political climate or behind closed doors, we should not reject feeling sad. We should not start normalising this and what may come. We should have a moment, a second to really commiserate what happened today, those who unfortunately passed and those it has affected.

So this is mine and the rest of the team’s way of saying we are having a moment. We’re giving a second for light and love for those lost today. We believe in being the mediators for those who cannot speak right now especially those who have lost their voices and worse, their lives. This is for the person on the tube who looks as though they are calm (though reading George Orwell’s 1984) but is frightened of simply being on public transport and people, down to the families who for today has been hell. We may be scrolling but we are not forgetting. We are taking a minute.


Written by Tahmina Begum,

CEO & Editor-in-Chief and signed by the team at XXY Magazine

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If you have been affected by today’s happenings or reading this, XXY Magazine does urge you to talk to someone. Feel free to also email us here. This is dedicated to the lives lost today.