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"We, Us" A Film On Blended Culture By Alex Hunt and Holly Miller

"We, Us" A Film On Blended Culture By Alex Hunt and Holly Miller

get link Hiding our “weird” packed lunches and traditional garb is something very familiar to the children of immigrants going to school in the West. Instead of celebrating our culture, many feel as though we have to assimilate with white British “normality.معلومات-عن-تداول-الاسه٠Alex Hunt created the film ‘We, Us’ to show his nine year old niece that their South African and Pakistani backgrounds are an integral part of who they are. Alex wants his niece to have access to content that champions a spectrum of cultures that are not represented enough in the British school curriculum. The film was inspired by Alex’s memories of dancing with his niece. He used the synchronised movement in this piece as a metaphor for the entwinement of the Pakistani and South African cultures: the bond between himself and his loved one. طرق جديدة لربح المال Sign up to our newsletter here for The Sunday Service 

source site متاجره الذهب Credits Videography, Styling and Direction: Alex Hunt, Holly Miller

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