We Asked A Bunch Of Creatives What Love Means To Them (Cause It's Valentine's Day)

We Asked A Bunch Of Creatives What Love Means To Them (Cause It's Valentine's Day)

Whether you believe in celebrating Valentine’s day or think it’s just an event which acts as Christmas for capitalists, the L word will be discussed on V day. So we thought we’d ask a range of creatives what love means to them and here’s what they said. You won’t need tissues, but you may feel fuzzier inside.

“For me, love means making that risky decision to share your life with a complete stranger who you have that great interest in and think will be worth your time. Love is sacrifice, being supportive, caring and trusting that you’ve got somebody who will be there for you regardless of the situation at any point in time but in all, love is being able to be the best and happiest version of yourself.”

– Nana Kwasi Wiafe

Creative Director, stylist and model

Love is the power, admiration and happiness that you find within yourself, whether that is triggered by another person or not. It is being so content and satisfied with life that you feel contagiously high. Love is seeing nothing but positives in everything and everyone that surrounds you.

– Jess Young

Freelance model, nail artist and student

“Love is passionate, intense and unpredictable. The most addictive and scary emotion. Knowing you would die for one person but they could leave you at any moment. To a lot of people in their twenties, love is inconvenient. Probably because they are scared of who they would be if they had it. Love is uncontrollable and it doesn’t call ahead of time to let you know it’s coming.”

-Dejah Naya Mccombe

Filmmaker and photographer

Watch Dejah’s film for XXY Magazine here

“Romantic love is about understanding. Knowing who you partner is without judgment and without trying to change them. I mean, it’s also a bunch of chemicals and hormones in your brain telling you that this person smells good and has a different immune system to yours so you can produce the strongest offspring. But it’s also about understanding.”

-Hannah Witton

Vlogger, writer and author of “Doing It” and podcaster at Banging Book Club

“Love is completion, it’s the feeling you get knowing you are whole and that you have someone at your side no matter what. Love brings happiness and sadness and is something we cannot live without.”

– Pandora

TV and Radio Presenter on KISS

“Love is a life force, it is a bloodstream flowing through a network of invisible arteries connecting our hearts together. A common understanding is that love is a feeling, but I have come to understand love as more of a state of mind than a feeling.

Is love conditional? I would say so, but not in an obvious way. I believe experiencing love first is a prerequisite for giving love, so we can only truly show love on the condition that we have been shown love, first. Once love has been activated in us, it is not something we quantifiably and decisively distribute, but rather something we emanate as a result of having being loved first. Love then dualistically manifests, it is sacrificial yet preservative, humbleness yet expressive, freedom but also restraint, trustfulness but also confrontational. Love is fragile yet enduring, gentle but also firm, both harmonious and disruptive, motivational and also restful, calming yet energetic, accepting but also justice.

If you are amongst the lucky ones to have experienced love from a young age through parents, family etc. I believe we can collectively make it our mission to demonstrate unrequited and unrewarded love to at least one person a day. How else are we going to start healing the world?”

-Nas Abraham 

Multi Media Visual Artist

“It’s easy, endless and absolutely the best thing we should all be fighting for”.

– Bre Graham

Commissioning Editor at Oh Comely and freelance writer

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