Issue 16: The Time Issue

Issue 16: The Time Issue

With the New Year comes new social fodder – both IRL and on “the net” – I’m surprised the wave of “new year, new me” hasn’t caused a #BreakTheInternet phenomenon yet.

But I’m not a hater. As a lover of lists, I am all for good intentions when it seems as if it is the beginning of something new. However, I did feel this year there was an abundance of resolutions made. Maybe it was because, in the dawn of 2017, most felt politically and socially shaken; a cloud hanging over the unknown felt less metaphorical and more an anticipated reality. There is a fear that some factors will alter the world for good. What will the consequences of Brexit really be? How much will Trump execute from everything he said and contradicted in his campaign; or worse, how many more people of colour, Muslims, those who do not identify as gender-bound, those of the LGBT community, suffer under the aftermath of his poisonous and contagious attitude?


It feels as though we are evolving from the age of conversation and into the age of change (or maybe that’s just my hopeful leftist thinking). In the dark of it all, it appears as if the liberal voices getting louder within social commentary are those that are increasingly shut down (shout-out to The Good Immigrant). The drive to make these voices, these lives, understood – whether it is Astrid Andersen’s AW/17 collection where blackness and the difference between money and class are discussed or the beginning of the revolution that is Gal-Dem – these will be the push for new. Not just in the creative circles; not just across panel talks or spaces for the middle class and above to discuss, but at your dinner table, the bus stop you wait at, or the grocery store you’re taking a selfie at for “the aesthetics”.


It would be silly if we didn’t discuss the biggest aspects shaping our lives these next couple of months and how we treat the beginning of the year. In the wake of what feels like oppression, XXY is organically blooming and documenting quality along the way. That’s what happens when it’s borne out of those trying to be shut down. And it’s about bloody time.


Written by Tahmina Begum,

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Illustrations by Anna Niedhart for XXY Magazine