The Straight Razor Comeback Trend

Find out the latest come back in men's world - Old School Razor Grooming

Shaving with a straight razor has been around for centuries but only in the last 10 years has there been a revived interest in the art. With urbanization comes a more modernized method for just about everything, especially in the area of men’ grooming—electric shavers and disposable multi-blade cartridges that give you more razor burn than removing unwanted stubble.

Now, straight razors are enjoying a resurgence of “retro-cool” and is soon to become mainstream.

Why is it making a comeback?

One of the big reasons is its efficiency. You get a better shave because the razor blade is so sharp it cuts off the stubble and hair without tugging or pulling at the skin, and unlike a disposable cartridge blade, you needn’t go over the same spot twice and risk that dreaded razor burn.

The experience when you get a shave at a barbershop, which is the male equivalent to a lady getting her hair set and done at a hair salon. The warmth of the towel pressed to your neck as you recline into the seat, and the massaging effect of the brush as the barber works the shaving cream into a luxurious foam on your face. It allows you to take time out of your schedule and forces you to relax to sit through an old-school method of shaving. Make sure you do relax as you wouldn’t want to cut yourself a la Sweeney Todd, would you?

Using a straight razor is better value. Save your barbershop walk-ins for special occasions and it’s cheaper in the long run and environmentally friendly. The price of a starter razor kit might have some men baulking, but if looked after well, it will last you for life. All you have to do is buy the biodegradable shaving cream. Also, you’ll do your part for the environment when you don’t have to throw out disposable razors and their packaging regularly.

With the increasing popularity of the straight razor (also known as the cut-throat razor), more independent barbers are creating their own shaving kits, which makes it the perfect gift for some gentlemen you know or for yourself.


Straight Razor kit examples:

Owen & Stork for Portland General Store

Bushman Grooming Kit

Other tools to complete the look, such as a slicked-back hairdo:

The Gentlemen’s Press X Heist: “The Anatomy of a Gentlemen”

Text: Alyssa Woo




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