The Inimitable Mr. Wallis

The Inimitable Mr. Wallis

The Inimitable Mr. Wallis

Each and every one of us is given a gift in life. Some people are excellent painters, some can play the banjo extremely well and some are able to consume five tequila shots in a row. Enter, Max Wallis. Now, he is a different kind of animal. Gifted with incredible pixie-like good looks that have him on the books of top agencies in Milan, New York and Established Models Agency in London, he is well spoken and he happens to be an accomplished poet who has received numerous plaudits. He has somewhat exhausted all known superlatives.

By the time Max turned twenty one, a selection of his debut poetry was published to critical acclaim, he was shortlisted for the prestigious Polari Prize and is now currently waiting the release of a children’s book, “Jack Frost and the Swans”, that he wrote.

The wit and guile that Max possesses at such a young age is something to be admired. We asked Max to write two poems for XXY, the first of which we are releasing today, and we cannot wait to bring you the next instalment tomorrow.

The Broken Things

I can’t go anywhere without breaking something he owns.

Last month it was only small things, the Polaroid camera

dropped mid-flash. The gaudy lamp in two pieces


like a melon lopped in half. Last week it was his suitcase

on the Underground at Old Street. Clunked down an escalator,

handle snapped clean off as I flustered down the metal steps,


weaving sorry, sorry, past vacant commuters.

I carried the insides home, presented them like a dejected cat

with a vole, said Sorry (again). I wonder if I dare


have something of him close at all times, something

I don’t want to break, or have topple down a lift shaft,

when I’m not looking. 

A special thank you to Established Models.

Image via: Established Models