The best Istituto Marangoni has to offer: Part 1

The best Istituto Marangoni has to offer: Part 1

The best Istituto Marangoni has to offer: Part 1

An interview with Victor Alvarez

XXY: Has your career path always been driven by the fashion industry? 

VA: No, I always knew that I appreciated, and paid greater attention to fashion design in comparison to most of my peers, but when I left school I chose to study Business Management. It was interesting, but just didn’t really excite me as much as the prospect of studying Fashion Design, so in 2008, after visiting Istituto Marangoni, Milan, I decided to quit my course in Business Management and focus on attaining a place at Istituto Marangoni, London.

XXY: Would you say that your flair for design was encouraged by your parent’s occupations?

VA: Well not really, my mother and father both work in Law, so growing up around that inspired my business side. My brother went into Law as well, so I knew that when I decided to change my path to that of fashion, I had to be prepared to build a list of contacts and networks through my own desire.  I had a strong passion to show the industry I was willing to do and learn whatever it took to be the best I could and when I interned at Fashion House, Angel Schlesser,  I think they saw that in me. By my second internship, I was given the responsibility of designing my own accessories for the brand.

XXY: What would you say you took from your experience at Angel Schlesser?

VA: I learnt so much; each intern lasted for two months, in which time I developed so many skills from hands on design, to branding and photography. It was one of my most valuable experiences yet.

XXY: Are there any other brands in particular that you’d like to intern with?

VA: Yes, I’d really like the opportunity to work with Fashion Houses, Celine and Tom Ford. I think they’re both such strong brands.

XXY: This is your final collection with Marangoni, can you explain a little bit about it?

VA: Like all of my collections, my final centres on the masculinity of the man. This collection takes influences from masculine sports and military themes. I looked at those garments worn in the first world word, by both Germany and England and took some ideas from there. I tend to focus on creating garments that are both suitable for leisure wear and work wear. I often de-construct traditional tailoring and soften it to adhere to my signature style. Elegance, for me at least, is the base of the design pyramid.

Written by by Fenn O’Meally

Images courtesy of Istituto Marangoni

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