Steven Tai AW/16

Steven Tai AW/16

We’ve all seen Freaky Friday (if you haven’t what are you doing with your life, go and watch it now or consider this a spoiler alert) where the mother ends up trapped in her daughter’s body and does the worst guitar playing mime you’ve ever seen before they swap back and play the biggest banger that 9-year-old me had ever heard… I digress. This served as the starting point for Steven Tai’s autumn/ winter collection (the swap not the banger) in that the Steven Tai woman is one who is wise beyond her years; ‘an old soul’ in a young body.

The overall delicate appearance with pleats and ditsy prints contrasts with unexpected combinations such as denim patch-worked with corduroys in lavender, beige and olive: incidentally, the colour palette the interior of my Nan’s house abides by. This is far from criticism; the rest of the palette being made up of white and varying shades of blue injects the youthfulness that creates the balance in this collection. This not-actually-a-granny-yet-granny-chic exudes grace in a way you would expect from such a concept and pushes it further with silhouettes as white silk wraps around some models like a duvet and vest tops create a certain naivety. The former shines through as a reference to preferring to stay in bed to going out-out, whilst other details such as raw hems suggest a passage of time.

And so it turns out that Freaky Friday did not only inspire me to learn to play guitar for six years before giving up much to my dad’s dismay but also this wonderfully feminine, humble and beautifully executed collection.  An ode to the woman who prefers the simpler things in life to the party lifestyle.


Written by Leanne Westbury,

Creative Director


Photographs by Joe Hart