Singer and Songwriter: Iris Gold

Singer and Songwriter: Iris Gold

In our current narcissistic and materialistic zeitgeist, the idea of the hippie aesthetic mixing with the exuberance of hip-hop is a novel concept indeed. Discussing humble beginnings, self-expression, and storytelling that commands attention, singer-songwriter Iris Gold talks to Marketing Director Megan Staunton about how growing up not always fitting in has led to her upbeat sound.

Megan Staunton: You use your platform to celebrate living a truly authentic life. Do you think that is something people need to be reminded of in a culture that is often too fast paced?

Iris Gold: Well, coming from humble beginnings has helped me not to be so materialistic. It is a constant reminder to try and appreciate what I do have. Without pointing any fingers, because everybody’s story is different, I guess I wish the culture we live in wasn’t so focused on making us want things we don’t really need. It makes so many people quite unhappy, including myself from time to time. Wanting what you can’t have, getting it, and then always wanting more.

MS: With a happy-go-lucky, hippie, flower-power style, do you find that your self-expression exerts itself through your fashion, as well as your lyrics?

IG: I try to infuse all my musical inspirations into how I express myself through fashion, for sure. My life wasn’t – and still isn’t – just flowers and beautiful rainbows. But through meditation and yoga, I have found a lot of loveliness. I guess there is a lot about that in my lyrics.

Iris Gold

MS: Your single “Steve McQueen” recites the lyrics, ‘Living the life like Steve McQueen/ Living cool like Steve McQueen/ Plays it cool on a silver screen’. Known as ‘The King of Cool’, what made you spotlight Steve McQueen? And with his infamous quote ‘I live for myself and answer to nobody’, would you consider him a Social Delinquent with his non-conformist, rebellious attitude?

IG: I just watched the movie Bullitt one night when I was a bit tipsy and thought, ‘Yeah man, he’s cool! A bad man! I’m gonna write a song about how it feels to be as cool as Steve McQueen. The theme tune by Lalo Schifrin is one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. I wrote a song called “Mind Juice” on it and it will actually be featured on my upcoming mixtape.


MS: Your storytelling commands attention. As a woman of power, what social responsibilities have you found yourself entrusted with? And why are they important to you?

IG: Coming from where I am, Copenhagen, and looking very different from the blond hair and blue eyes stereotype, not having much money and being super awkward on top; all of these have made me who I am. I had to either try and blend in or be like ,‘Woohoo, here I am and I’m proud!’ So for me, it is important to celebrate that through my music and hopefully inspire a few others to do the same. I feel like not really fitting in can be what makes you special.

MS: And finally, what barriers can we expect Iris Gold to be breaking next? What’s next on the agenda for the soundtrack of your life?


IG: All of them, haha! I’m featured on a Russ Chimes track called “Drift” which we just shot a spectacular video for. My Marsha Hunt Mixtape will be coming out at the same time. It features tracks written on breakbeats and loops and some original productions, too. There’s a mixture of early blues, 70’s psychedelic vibes, hip hop, and pop songs laid on top. “Drift” and the Marsha Hunt Mixtape are both out 25th of November.

I’m also working on another very exciting feature that’s going to be released before the end of the year. And in January I will be releasing my first EP. So watch out for the announcement!

You can check out “Revolution Riders” from Iris Gold’s upcoming EP here.

Written by Megan Staunton,

Marketing Director

Photographs taken by Louise Kragh

Art Direction by Alexis Knox 

Styling by Sarah Booth 

MUA by Dan Delgado using Armani 

Fashion Assistance by Phoebe Brannick 

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