Miuniku AW16

Miuniku AW16

Whilst on first impression, the thing to pop into your mind based on the setup at Miuniku is Gretchen Wiener saying ‘you can’t sit with us’ (unless you’re wearing a glittery high neck top or some form of frills in which case you totally can), you then find the clever cuts and graphic details to be a reflection of terrains.

Miuniku’s AW16 collection explores wanderlust in the sense that the design decisions stem from references to camp sites, mountaineers and varying geological aspects. The longing for adventure in this case is not displayed literally through something reminiscent of climbing gear or the textures of rock but through a more graphic approach; studying lines on sediments and geological diagrams to create both form and print. This makes for a very clean collection, accented with the inclusion of minimal frills.

The colour palette strays from what you may expect of a collection with such a concept by including primary colours which add a punchy aspect to the array of dark and earthy tones; further asserting the brand’s graphic aesthetic. One particular stand out piece, a calf length coat, featured a wavy cut to the centre front and scattered abstract lines and statement zips; which is exactly the piece I plan on wearing when I rock up to the SS17 presentation like ‘can I sit with you now?’

Written by: Leanne Westbury / @leannewestbury

Creative Director

Photography by Joe Hart

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