Sadie Clayton AW16

Sadie Clayton AW16

Sadie Clayton is back with her signature fabric of copper as she continues to hammer, maneuver and heat the metal onto a background of black fabric with Swarovski crystal detailing. Universal complexities of exploring the ideas of headspace and the concept of time were themes for this collection, highlighted by Clayton’s collaboration with Nixon, integrating beauty with functionality. With watches worn by the models, the notion of time dominated the presentation, further reflected in the set design with 3D deconstructed clocks jotted around the room, in addition to prints of dismantled watch faces adorning many of the garments.

Midnight satin blue and classic blacks were staple colours for AW/16 whilst the use of loose yet structured oversizing gave the garments a 3D edge. Accessories took centre stage from head to toe, with hats by Francesco Ballestrazzi, copper wiring streamlining models scraped back ponytails for an uninterrupted view of the clothes, copper and crystal statement bangles, hand cuffs, copper dipped nails and rings big enough to challenge a knuckleduster, finished with United Nude cut-out shoes. The models displayed the clothes through the assistance of spinning decks reiterating the luxury of time, envisioning both themselves and the garments as sculptural architecture seeking to draw out the viewer’s eye.

It is hard to believe that Clayton only launched her sculptural womenswear label in 2014, a year after graduating. Her brand appears to be one that has been established for years with such a solid aesthetic, whilst maintaining the vibrancy and creativity of an emerging artist.


Written by Megan Staunton / @meganstaunton

Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Photographs by Anna Dziczkaniece

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