A Royal Contradiction By Goeie Katoen

A Royal Contradiction By Goeie Katoen

A Royal Contradiction take aesthetics of working and upper class society to build a distinctive couture look which maintains personality and aesthetics from both cultures. Challenging the old guard and bringing in the new: the royal contradiction of atelier and DIY is deconstructing traditionalist fashion.

Photographer Omar Khaleel captures vibrant scenes in simple and bold compositions making use of light and space. This mixed with a regal layer of content is poised with equal elegance when wearing rich navy, double gold band motif tracksuits or gold couture cloaks. 

The inspiration for it was simply for me to find out ways the old can fit with the new. For me the royal aspect is not about luxury or showing off, it’s about – okay this is the pillars of a lot of upper class society that dominate a lot of the world and it’s taste, so how do we, with a fresh mindset, change the narrative to our own but don’t sell out or compromise on aesthetic or quality”. 


Word edited by Tahmina Begum


Photography: Omar Khaleel

Stylist: Ross McLeish

Model: Milo (J’adore Models)

Art Direction: Aaron Kudi

All clothes are from Goeie Katoen SS18: A Fall From Grace

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