Rise By Dejah Naya McCombe

Rise By Dejah Naya McCombe


Rise  is a collective of photography and moving image, the concept for Rise started with a poem by Jill Scott’s ‘Nothing is for Nothing’. In this poem Scott talks about her sexual experiences.


“Cause I was content giving my men a little heaven between their struggle to breathe and their contemplation of suicide

Wasn’t I good for the cause?”

I heard the poem years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. Scott’s words of “being scared to be the third generation of lonely women in my family” really hit home for me.

I wanted to take the emotion I felt from the poem and create something visual. Model Taylah is covered in saris in both the film and stills, representing the veil that society thinks women have over themselves until they give themselves to a man.

-Words by Dejah Naya McCombe


Film and Photographs:

Photography & Art Direction: Dejah Naya McCombe

Model: Taylah Elaine

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