On Representation: SEASON, the Zine Syncing Football with Fashion

On Representation: SEASON, the Zine Syncing Football with Fashion

As part of the ‘Representation Issue’, XXY wants to give this generation of young creatives a voice to speak for themselves about their work. Today we meet with the founder of SEASON zine Felicia Pennant. With the release of the third issue, the zine reveals the experiences and rituals of fashion and football fans. A unique perspective on the world’s most popular sport, SEASON aims to represent the interplay between modern football and fashion, focusing on why these fans care and what they wear.

What does the word ‘representation’ mean to you?

It’s how you present and express yourself publicly.

What informs your work the most?

The female fashion and football fan experience. What’s going on in the world that is relevant to the female focus and football/fashion theme of my zine SEASON. I’m trying to keep content up-to-date to also ensure the zine will be a credible primary source of this time for future generations looking back.

When you create, do you have an end goal/vision in mind beyond the creation itself?

Yes. Always consider the impact you want your creative work to have. What you want to audience to think, feel and do. SEASON’s end goals include dispelling fan stereotypes, giving underrepresented female fans more visibility, a voice and a creative platform to share their stories and opinions, spotlighting issues and showcasing the work of up-and-coming creative talent.

How important is representation in publishing?

Very. As you’d hope and trust that the truth is published unless the genre is fiction. And that the views and opinions are diverse to build an accurate account of modern reality.

What is most important to you generally in publishing?

Having the freedom to produce what you want, print alternative opinions and fully realise your ideas. Which is why independent publishing and self-publishing seems to be thriving after people heralded the death of print.

What do you think your industry could be doing to be more representative?

Not sure as it’s down to the creator/author take initiative. If one publisher says no, you can find another or self-publish. Or maybe it’s about money, promoting a more diverse range of publications and sharing the profits.

Is there a particular issue you feel strongly about highlighting or better representing?

Championing female football fans whether they play or not. Women like me who are into fashion and football are more common than you’d think- there’s a Premier League stat that 1/4 people who attend League games are women. We are often overlooked or sexualised in the male orientated football landscape so I created SEASON zine to document and celebrate female fandom creatively. SEASON spans biannual print issues that come with original football stickers, digital content and events aiming to showcase and empower women in modern football culture. Things are generally getting better with more female pundits and press about female footballers but there is still a long way to go.


Do you have any tips for younger emerging creatives who find it hard to sync their activism with their careers?

Think about what makes you and your creativity unique and stand out from everyone else then build your vision on that. Own and represent your truth but be open to constructive criticism. Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail.


SEASON zine 03 is available now at season-zine.com. Follow @season_zine on Instagram

Interviewed by Weruzochi Chinasa

Fashion Editor

Visuals by Season Zine