Prophetik AW16

Prophetik AW16

Jeff Garner brought a true Americana spirit to London with Freemasons Hall transported to mid-Western America- complete with an entrance from the Tennessee-born designer. Of course, complete with a customary moment of horse manure almost covering the crowd of photographers and passers-by.

Harking back to a lost era the collection “Ruins & Renaissance” had every element of old-school romance, with frills, lace and corsetry, brought into the modern age with Adam-Ant-attitude girls in undone jackets and jodhpurs.

The fabrics looked as if they had been well worn and pre-loved in a romanticised view of Garner’s equestrian woman, with a nod to the sustainability of his eco-friendly designs. Linens mixed with velvets and hemp alongside lace, the collection had a laid-back comfortable feel of a young woman as happy as mucking about with a horse at a high society dinner.


Written by Laura Wells/ @macwells_



Photographs by Anna Dziczkaniece


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