XXY Magazine Heads Into Print And We Need Your Help

XXY Magazine Heads Into Print And We Need Your Help


Is the first sound to come out of my mouth when announcing this ‘officially’. Oh, you might as well have known through our hints, newsletter and the slowing down of online content (we’re only a small team) that our print issue was going to happen soon.

You might be wondering why? Or you might have just landed on this page and have not heard of us at all. So here’s the trajectory of how we got to here.

Once upon a time (or the end of summer 2012 should I say), a talented stylist (and student) was interning anywhere and everywhere possible in fashion to learn that lo and behold, fashion magazines were still acting largely one-dimensional when really, behind the scenes that were not the case. The same magazine’s adorning craftsmanship and various design skills whether it was the physical page layouts or the creators they were interviewing were telling women how to give the best blowjobs and discussing what shoes made your legs look thinner.

Ibrahim Kamara was tired of looking around and not see himself or the intelligent conversations he was having – let’s leave the gentrified ones, manifest in some sort of way with the world – which at the time, was looking smaller and smaller. Instagram wasn’t a thing yet, Youtuber’s weren’t Hollywood royalty and magazines were trying to work out what to do with the interweb.

Five years later, XXY Magazine is now a platform and magazine which hosts regular events and most importantly, promotes, pushes and produces intellectuality both visually and textually. Stories, thoughts and commentary are never too small or big to be published – especially by those who were usually classed as anonymous in history.

We have an upcoming podcast. We’ve interviewed the biggest designers on camera. We have taken over spaces such as W Hotel, Marangoni School of Fashion, WAH Nails, Blackwell’s Bookstore, Oxford Brookes University and more. We’ve grown a loyal following who sell out every one of our shows. We have changed and grown the team and now have a wider set of faces who have shaped it at different times through the myriad of phases XXY has gone through. These faces and names are always the ones I refer to as #XXYfamile.

Which frankly, many of you have been a part of and many of you have influenced. So if you’re still reading this, you may be wondering why? Why in print? Why now? And why do you need money?

Why in print? One of our old editors once told a reader when meeting in real life we were online because we like our ideas to be accessible. This is wholly true. But if I had a penny for everytime someone asked me why we weren’t in some form of paper format I could probably afford to pay the entire team around the clock. To be honest, it’s just come to a time where we want to be able to hold this baby and not just the screen of our laptops and each other. And also give to you! So many of you ask for it. Every poll you do – you vote for print. You must like the idea of it by now.

And why do we need money? To eat. Lol JK all these costs will go back into the magazine so we’ll stick to our liquid meals. We need money to a) of course print it b) if we hit the target throw a launch party to invite you all c) to be honest, it’s been half a decade and through the ups and downs of the digital age, we’ve shared highly expensive and timely editorials, stories, news, films and conversations across every medium and not asked you for a penny – even most of our events have been free – whilst also working at full-time jobs and/or studying and putting thousands into this.

So it’s time that generosity and love and appreciation for labour is turned to you. XXY Magazine was made originally for us – for what we wanted to see but now this is for our readers. A keepsake from us to the ones who read us daily. Who knows our language and the way we string our sentences together. We just have to fund it first. So give and share what you can – even if it’s just a tweet linking this article. We’d do it for you. In fact, we already probably have.


Warm wishes,

Tahmina Begum


*XXY Magazine is set to be published in January 2018. It will be a limited edition collector’s item which will have some of the best of five years of content in addition to new goodies no one but the team has seen yet. You might want to bookmark this page.


"So last night was more than special. It was representative. Maybe not of all but of more. Colourism and beauty standards is something I think about almost daily. Not because I have to, not because I'm a "woman of colour" but because I see the world continue where women and men have to go through BS everyday just cause of the percentage of melanin in their skin within their own "communities". We didn't cure anything last night but as I said earlier, I felt as though we encouraged our audience to speak about these issues in corners outside of liberal spaces, outside of panel events and outside their comfort zones. Thank you to @sharmadeanreid for owning the building we all wouldn't have been happily invited in fifty years ago and being an icon of what it means to be a dynamic business woman. Thank you to @areagirl93 and @ellenatlanta and the WAHwomen who helped make this happen and to our speakers: for being kind to those who are still unlearning through their words, minds and wisdom. Thank you to our audience and readers (and hi to our new readers!) for taking the time out of their day to be a part of what's crucial to discuss especially in this political climate. And to my family within @xxymagazine thank you for never asking "why" when I have an idea but instead "how we going to do this?" And man, we did." – Tahmina Begum, CEO & Editor-in-Chief #LETSTALKABOUTIT #XXYxWAH #THEREPRESENTATIONISSUE

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