Vogue India's Tenth Anniversary Cover is not Kendall Jenner's fault

Vogue India's Tenth Anniversary Cover is not Kendall Jenner's fault

It’s not. I mean, Kendall has definitely cashed in on something which is slightly iffy – but what’s new? (Pepsi, anyone?) (Sorry had to.)

But honestly it is not Kendall Jenner’s fault that she has been placed on the cover of Vogue India’s Tenth Anniversary Cover – she has just contributed to this universal idea that having Eurocentric features is the epitome of beauty.

This is Vogue India’s fault. This is the lack of representation of the variety of women shown in the media, especially to an audience which is of colour, but is used to seeing only one shade of their “own people.” This is the effects of post colonialism, but it lies in the fault of the general mass who frankly wouldn’t buy a cover with a darker skinned Indian model- but hell, Vogue India, you couldn’t even choose an Indian model in general? Let her have Aishwarya Rai’s blue eyes and Rani Mukerji’s light honey tone – we will take it.

For those who think colourism is “new gen”, a trend, such as being vegan, or coconut iced lattes, just take a look back at all of Vogue India’s covers – this issue is no different. Now, I’m not completely unaware that to be able to keep jobs, you need to sell magazines. The only difference is that Vogue India have purposely chosen someone who brings attention over someone who could inspire a large portion of young girls and change the status quo.

Change the minds of the majority of young girls who will grow up continuously thinking that there is one form of beauty and emit these ideas no matter where they go in the world. The statistics of women of colour who still believe that being the lightest, with a sharper nose and wider eyes is the highest form of physical attraction across Asia, to the most popular places of migration, is astounding.

I don’t think this is solely Kendall Jenner’s fault and frankly, I’m not in the business of pulling women down, but I do not accept that for Vogue India’s Tenth Anniversary cover they could not have chosen better. Who decided this and where on earth is Bhumika Arora, Pooja Mor, Neelam Gill? Could you imagine ten of the most powerful and influential models of Indian descent on the cover? Now that’s what we should be talking about.


Written by Tahmina Begum,

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

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