No.3 XXY- The Coat Countdown

No.3 XXY- The Coat Countdown

No.3 XXY- The Coat Countdown


So this week, we at XXY have come to realise, sometimes it’s ok to feel a little blue at Christmas. We actually admire those of you, who opt for a blue hue in the winter chill. It seems our third countdown is all Smurf and turf with a hint of Nordic twist.

Exactly a month away until Saint Nick swings by, the snug scent of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine could have the majority of us dashing from a day’s work to the city nightlife in the same old monotonous attire. But this year, we’re turning the tables, and fleeing the desk in fine fashion.

Wrap up a day’s work in Won Hundred’s blue maxi, this cosy cobalt has us gnawing at our nails and occasionally dribbling at our desktops. For those days spent away from the strains of an early start and a fleeting lunch break, we like to team this wool-blend trench with a little Swedish luxe. Take a sporty maxi from Monki, some classic Reeboks, and layer up with a white wash beanie and some sneaky two-tone socks.  You can always sweeten the mood with Lonely Heart’s Parma Violet number. However you do it, we say, unearth your inner Smurf!



Coat – WonHundred.Com
Dress – Monki.Com
Socks –
Reebok Classics –
Beanie –
Lonely Hearts Bra –


Text: Fenn O’Meally

Image/Giff: Maria Pizzeria