It's All In The Name, Guccy Cruise 2018

It's All In The Name, Guccy Cruise 2018

Alessandro Michele’s latest Gucci cruise wear 2018 show echoes the quote “It’s all in the name”. The renaissance inspired show is to the brim with what’s down with the kids these days: maximalism. However, one subject which has been a polarising hit or miss with those who attended is the beaded spelling of “Gucci” as “Guccy” across models fronts.

Some may question why Michele has changed a household design name – one where there needs to be no fashion influence to recognise it and a name so popular many emerging creatives would nearly die for this sort of recognition. Though in the larger scheme of things – this may not be on everyone’s minds, we have to ask, why did Michele do it? This is not the same as “Fratelli Prada” or “Prada Brothers” evolving into “Prada” or Hedi Slimane casually dropping “Yves” from “Yves Saint Laurent” in 2012 as this is a question mark.

We may be falling down the rabbit hole and Michele may have just felt like doing so – hell, why not? It’s nice to stir things up a little. But was it for the “the ‘gram”? As it does honestly feel a little like it was.

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Alessandro Michele is not just a Creative Director; he and his team are very aware and some would argue one of the best in fashion in making decisions liable to get a reaction on social media. Whether it’s having influencers like Petra Collins or Hari Nef walk his shows (this strategy is not something new) or just as Netflix did with Stranger Things, use data to produce what is known to do well instead of experimenting with fresh ideas (this is dangerous).  The show even entailed an over-the-top bulging bomber jacket with Gucci logo’s everywhere – “inspired” by the infamous Dapper Dan who bridged the gap between fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and hip-hop.

This may sound all sceptical but as detailed as those clothes are – no one is discussing the beadwork behind the collection, the 1970s hair, or as Gucci described “retro” shaped minimally sized but dynamic purses or even the ridiculousness in finding velvet in a cruise show. Everyone is aware and expects Gucci’s flamboyance but no one is focusing on anything but that one detail: that misspelling of an iconic name.

But I guess we are still pausing, sharing, discussing and even writing about it. It’s gaining the large amount of attention which naturally follows a curiosity by a sizeable global audience into the actual show which is a height in itself. After all, when was the last time – even those who follow fashion religiously – we analysed an entire fashion show instead of taking only the snippets which resonated with us away? Alessandro Michele’s got us all fooled.

Written by Tahmina Begum


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