Five Points We Can Learn On Activism From Munroe Bergdorf’s Speech At The Oxford Guild

Five Points We Can Learn On Activism From Munroe Bergdorf’s Speech At The Oxford Guild

Last week, transgender activist and model, Munroe Bergdorf joined students at the Oxford Guild, Oxford’s Historic Wadham College to give a keynote speech on a range of topics close to her heart. The issues included diversity in the media and beauty industry and the need for activism.

1) She spoke about the importance of intersectionality, stressing the importance of speaking about against oppression of all forms when it comes to making a change in society. “You can’t actually separate gender from the race, it’s one in the same. All of our experiences are linked”.

2) When asked about the beauty industry, she pointed out the need for more diversity within decision makers. “A big problem is behind the scenes it’s not as diverse as what’s put in front of the camera. If you’re not conscious of diversity, then it’s always going to be tokenism.”

3) Munroe gave strong words of encouragement when it came to activism. “It’s about changing the narrative and speaking about things we don’t usually speak about- the inconvenient things we don’t really want to speak about. Anyone who is strong enough to use their platform to speak about these issues, they should do.”

4) She answered a number of questions from the students. She advised that while students should be considerate of how they come across when posting on social platforms, they should be sure to not dilute their message, as this is vital to making a change. “Activism is saying the uncomfortable things- it’s going against the general consensus.”

5) And lastly, “We’re all in it together… Racism involves all of us coming together to unite as one.”

Written by Hanifah Rahman,


If you’d like to follow Munroe Bergdorf’s work, you can keep up to date here.

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