An Ode To Those Who Aren’t Feeling Motivated By 2018

An Ode To Those Who Aren’t Feeling Motivated By 2018

Happy New Year!

I thought I’d start off with something positive before sounding like a January Scrooge.

These past few weeks have been been the season for being in the present. It’s been the time for family, when you turn your email off and say actually that’s enough. You’re not so fussed about ticking everything off your bucket list because the next year is here and it’s all about the new.

This first week of January has been the epitome of inspirational quotes. From Twitter to Instagram vivaciously shouting “2018 is the year of the woman” to what it feels like a loud world preaching “Just building upon my empire” to “Sis, it’s time to leave him”. I am bored of it.

This is the first year where I haven’t necessarily felt the new year, new me sparkle. Maybe cupid or Santa or whoever was to throw over the optimism arrow missed me by a few meters. For someone who is actually rather upbeat, feeling like the party pooper isn’t something I’ve ever  desired to be. This is the first time I wanted another week away from my laptop and maybe another five extra days in bed. Which in my head is problematic because as I get older, the more I realise how being a writer and editor can sometimes be an extension of yourself. So not being animated for the beginning of the year, what does that mean?

Don’t they say how you begin your year is telling of how you’ll end it? Or does that only count towards actual New Years Eve – I may have heard that on The OC when I was thirteen – don’t quote me.

When you are trying to stop analysing yourself and then asking yourself why you’re doing that, it can be a bunch of fuzzle. Especially when analysing and being intuitive and following that gut with research and some more words and thinking, is a large part of your work and life.

I’m writing this today because maybe someone else is also looking around wondering where my new year energy is in comparison to everyone else’s. Has my new year energy taken an extra week off? Will I receive an out-of-office reply from it if trying to cajole it back?

January is a month I’ve always recognised as get-your-shit-together-month. From Dry January, to ‘no sugar no carb’ diets and resolutions to shake your body around and more. But what if you feel like you are still reeling from 2017 – the year where everyone claimed it would be their year (too) only for it to go awry? Maybe it’s not the new year that’s bothering me but this societal cycle of claiming this is going to be the year and the majority of us slipping and forgetting our resolutions by March.

I supposed what’s really bothering me is the act of keeping new year resolutions. I’ve never felt regardless of how fresh the air may seem in the new year, a date or time should be the moment to start making changes or display on my Instagram story that this is the year I’m going to do me big time of course.

I’m currently trying to work out if I’m in this strange grey mood because I’m in the middle of long projects which feels never ending. One’s which have hung around for the past six months and therefore this year does not feel like a fresh start to anything.

However, I do know that I sound like super January Scrooge by now so I’m going to stop moaning and give you tips on what makes me feel better.

Go through your photo albums, not your Camera Roll.

By going through some old photographs, you can actually shake this feeling that though nothing dramatic has changed in the first week January, so much has changed. There’s a feeling of being grounded when you remember the things you wished for and have now.

Stop telling yourself things you can’t do.

Yes, this does sound like a quote I complained about above but one thing I have done consciously today is mentally gone through all the things I toss over my shoulder into the ‘one day’ pile and start brainstorming an action plan of attack.

You are enough.

I promise this is not just another quote but I was thinking (lol, do I do that enough?) as millennials we always get told to research more. Stop being such a narcissist and focus on other people for once. Your gut is not enough.

Recently, relatability has been the strong currant across content. However, the more personal I have to write something e.g. this, the more I feel like it’s not a real ‘piece’. But that will change as we continue into 2018, as I evolve as an editor and writer and  trust my words enough to fall back on them. I thought, I wrote and that’s enough. (Tweet us if you want to hear a piece about writers and imposter syndromes as I am so up for that).

Take a damn bath and read.

This is a classic and I’m sorry, I know women’s magazines from the dawn of publication have been printing this and it may seem like such a ‘feminine’ example, but fellas, everyone, except for those who don’t own a bath and will have to sit at the bottom of their showers, this is for you all.

Make A List Of All The Icons You Need To Make Your Peers By (At Least) May

What I just said ^.

Stop Beating Yourself Up, There’s Always Next Week or February

The world may be on a high right now –  even if Donald Trump is joking about nuclear weapons like it’s a yo momma joke on Twitter but seriously #NegativeJanGang of 2018, it’s fine that our first week of 2018 has not been mind blowing or dramatic in any corner of our lives. There’s always the weekend and then next week eh?

Shoutout to those who do write the inspirational tweets and are currently feeling optimistic, this was not supposed to trigger any one of you.

Written by Tahmina Begum,


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