Minki Digital AW/17

Minki Digital AW/17

Minki always shows a “pop-py” collection with bright tones set against neutral backgrounds of blacks and whites and this upbeat mood was carried through to this season.

Taking inspiration from the sea, long draped threads led from embroidered slogans, like fishing wires trailing down to the floor.

Minki Digital - Photography by Anna Dziczkaniece (15 of 20)

Oversized and deconstructed Breton pieces in structured fabrics contrasted with silky smooth printed skirts and dresses. A short parka, with a fuzzy mint lining, styled over a long fishing-hook-print silk dress showed an understanding of how a modern girl dresses – like the street style darlings of today. The press release mentioned “the beauties of nature versus the brutality of city life”, which is as good a summary I can think up for the feminine/sport hybrid that is always a hit in modern fashion design.

Minki Digital - Photography by Anna Dziczkaniece (1 of 1)

Simple white Grenson brogues and derbys offset the hyper-coloured collection perfectly, and a flat shoe is always welcome in my book.

Snuggly fuzzy coats mimicking the lines of waves were taken out of their literal reference in hues of magenta, yellow and aqua.

Minki Digital - Photography by Anna 1Dziczkaniece (1 of 3)

Where some designers take inspiration far too seriously (the full “Spaghetti western” show I stumbled upon today had one too many stetsons and cacti), Minki kept it playful, with hooked-tail fish taking a wink at the reference. Giant stuffed pillows suggesting shapes of shells and corals looked like a comfy place to slump down after a hard day pounding the streets of London.

Minki Digital - Photography by Anna Dziczkaniece (12 of 20)


Written by Laura Wells,


Photography by Anna Dziczkaniece for XXY Magazine