Maharishi AW/16

Maharishi AW/16

Kudos must be given to Khaki this season as Maharishi threw an array of rusty autumnal colours on the print. Transitioning into winter, the models manes were either coated with white paint, reminiscent of snowfall, or topped with hoods and fisherman style hats.

The AW/16 collection was divided into two parts. Part I took inspiration from clothing worn by religious devotees with Part ll exploring subcultures of moral and militaristic codes. Quoting Voltaire stitched across the body of a felted fleece black and maroon coat, Maharishi projected; “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets”. The reference appears to relate to the silhouettes which nod to the lineage across military, gang and crew uniforms. So if you want to join the gang, pick up something from this Post-Geographic Collection of Devotional Uniform & Habits, and good luck memorising the title.


Written by Megan Staunton,

Marketing and Social Media Assistant


Photographs are of our own, taken by Kavita Babbar