LFW AW15: Lulu Liu

LFW AW15: Lulu Liu

LFW AW15: Lulu Liu


Portait of design Lulu Liu, 2015

Gliding to the sound of Lorde’s ‘Team’; the models at today’s Lulu Liu show represented the modern woman facing the juggling act that is everyday life whilst making time for herself. The lyrics ‘we live in cities you’ll never see on screen, not very pretty but we sure now how to run this thing’ felt almost written for the show itself; with designs cleverly reflecting the choices women face and how she responds to them. The use of cashmere, leather, tweed and wool made for a collection rich in texture; the exact materials were even layered and laminated to form glasses for Lulu’s collaboration with Tom Davies- allowing the bold accessories to fit seamlessly with the pieces they were paired with. Zips were in abundance: used to add an aspect of shifting forms made possible by taking certain parts of the garment off or revealing layers. Speaking to Lulu after the show revealed her intention for the zips to be ‘like a door, you can close or open it, you always have that choice’. She explained to us how we’re always busy looking for a balance; a concept which shines through in details as subtle as seams appearing to tip the axis of the body.


Lulu posed the question ‘what is successful to us?’ and proceeded to tell us how we need to first find happiness before we can be successful, not the other way round; something she herself has done by realising her true calling as a designer after working in the television industry. Being a designer comes hand in hand with being a business woman; you have to be PR savvy, clued up on market levels, able to balance the overtly creative with the commercial, the list goes on. But after eight seasons, five of which with Fashion Scout, Lulu has found success in avoiding distractions and really focusing on design and her process, doing what she does best. And this collection- titled ‘Play Design: Self-actualisation and self-restraint’- is just that; conceptually rich, opulent in texture and attentive to the woman who wishes to mould her clothes to her characteristics- an ode to the powerhouse that is the modern day woman.



Written by Leanne Westbury

Illustration by David Andrews

Photos by Joe Harper