Issue 13: The Privilege Issue

Issue 13: The Privilege Issue

How would you like it if we talked about something which makes people too nervous to discuss around the dinner table? It most definitely is not ‘politically correct’, but you can be sure that one may chuckle nervously or even become embarrassed when the topic is in the air. Why don’t we prod the elephant in the room? Or should I describe it as a regular appliance you’d find in your kitchen, one you’ve gotten so used to it doesn’t take you by surprise anymore? It doesn’t mean to be left on all night, but we have adjusted to that low hum, so we forget to switch off.

So much so, it’s always plugged in. And not just in your home or your nephew’s or god children’s, it’s utilised across a small portion of the world and for the goodness of a few. But many question it, and whether it even exists anymore. I mean, if it’s not explicitly used, how do we even know it’s really there?

And yet, you still hear about it. Sympathetically from those who feel guilt towards its benefits. And unsympathetically from those who cannot fathom a successful life built without it.

It’s only when you look closely and realise that your neighbour might have a different story to tell, albeit living the same lifestyle. But you cannot help being part of the one percent. You didn’t choose your birthright, weren’t present when history was written, nor did you choose what and who were allowed to be entitled. So you sit still whilst the Others make do, because what could you really change about that subdued ringing in your ear? There’s nothing really wrong, “it’s just how society works” – the norm. This will take centuries to fix, you’ve been told. Time will have to heal itself.

But, XXY doesn’t just sit around and ignore. This is The Privilege Issue, you ready?


Written by Tahmina Begum,


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