Issue 11: The Binge Issue

Issue 11: The Binge Issue

White lines, clean spaces and single silhouettes are all under the umbrella term of minimalism. But some of us are bored of an almost sensible, OCD- appearing approach to life so for this issue, we are thinking chaotic, cravings, blurred concepts but most of all excess in all degrees.

We are not just discussing overeating then over dieting as many do this time of the year. Or how much money we spend on clothes the first two weeks of January then be humble until pay day comes around. We are looking at the abundance of wanting more and how in less capitalistic states, this is becoming a lifestyle. Yet on the other hand, our fashion team will be exploring how it is almost a vintage stylistic idea to exhaust the culmination of greed across editorials; whether it is a plethora of accessories on models or a chaotic mixture of fabric which shout “brands”. Whilst exploring how kitsch culture has made a comeback through underground designers and stylists when simplicity is now the new mirror of luxury.

In our Culture section, Editor Victoria Rodrigues will be looking at those attempting “Dry January” as well as dissecting how services like Netflix have spawned the theme of “binge watching” and how these on demand services have become the norm. We will also be questioning the sheer amount of content we are bombarded with on a daily basis and probe, is Instagram the new BBC? Simultaneously, Music Editor Daniel Cooke shall be analysing the overload of trap music and our obsession with listening to music to now only “turn up”. In addition to examining the correlation between the growing use of drugs in Hip Hop and what this is doing musically and lyrically.

You may be asking why the first issue of the year connotes with the idea of bulging. This is because we understand the first sixth of the year is a juxtaposition of focusing on oneself, whether this is through resolutions, a new attitude, being nicer to the ones you love whilst also treating yourself. This is because you realise you are a great human being. Until you grasp that your self-absorption has become a habit and you may start questioning what you have done for the world and your character. But we love our readers, in all your glory – we are just very honest about who you are, even before you are. It’s 2016, so let’s start off messy, and welcome you to The Binge Issue.


Written by Tahmina Begum/ @tahminaxbegum


Image via tumblr and photography courtesy of Adrian Samson for XXY Magazine


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