The XXY Magazine Editor’s React to Riz Ahmed’s "Immigrants, We Get The Job Done" Music Video

The XXY Magazine Editor’s React to Riz Ahmed’s "Immigrants, We Get The Job Done" Music Video

My first intern was an immigrant. My first studio assistant was also an immigrant. My first set of block patterns were created by an Italian immigrant. The toiles that came after were made by a Liberian immigrant and then the final samples, by a small womenswear factory in Tottenham owned by a family of Greek immigrants. The designs preceding these patterns, toiles and samples were of course created by yours truly; a Nigerian immigrant.

It’s no secret that immigrants get the job done. If anything, this seems to be the problem considering one of the main refrains against immigrants is “They’re stealing our jobs”. It is fitting then that the chorus in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song is a repetition of “Look how far I’ve come”. For many immigrants, this isn’t just a figure of speech; it is a harsh reality. They must remind themselves in the midst of the aggression they face that how far they’ve come is better than what they left behind. I also find it particularly poignant that two of the rappers stick to their other languages; a gentle reminder of how often immigrants must swallow their tongues in order to be more digestible and to increase their chances of advancement in countries where they are foreign.   

Weruzochi Chinasa, Fashion Editor


As the daughter of immigrants from a third world country, the backbone of anything I have today has been due to immigrants getting the job done. From putting food on the table to supporting another family “back home”.

Regardless of all the blatant racism my parents faced when moving to a country where they did not speak the language fluently or know the customs, they could not dwell in acts of unkindness as they had to create a better life for themselves or they would be going backwards. Opportunities were not slept on. And when I say “customs” I do not mean they came from a land that was barbaric but the little things. You don’t have to take your shoes off at the door. It’s okay not to invite everyone you’ve ever met in England to your birthday party. Sometimes what you call being hospitable will be too much for most. So much so that your actions will be seen alien and opposed to being “British” i.e. reserved yet post 9/11 you will be expected to smile more and represent a positive image of being Muslim. Regardless to not having any connection to terrorists and being in the country for over thirty years where it is home.

Could you imagine what the state of our country would be like if this nation of immigrants fell to every hardship faced?  

Tahmina Begum, Editor-in-Chief

The Hamilton Mixtape (Immigrants, We Get The Job Done) features Riz Ahmed, K’Naan, Residente and Snow Tha Product