Hentsch Man SS/15: LC/M

Hentsch Man SS/15: LC/M

Hentsch Man SS/15: LC/M

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In many ways there is a preference to see presentations to shows. It’s a chance to look at the details, which can be lost on the runway, especially in menswear where everything is done for a reason. The Hentsch Man SS/15 Presentation was no exception. A two minute walk from Covent Garden Underground station, down a back street we found ourselves walking in to a painted pink cobbled yard, filled with Brazilian music and men wrapped in leafy floral prints.

“La Cantina” was a celebration by designer Alexia Hentsch of her Brazilian roots and childhood memories of bands of young men dressed as slick as they come, in bright, loose florals and panama hats. It was a constantly moving story. None of these men were still and expressionless, they were there to evoke a feeling of the backstreets of Rio. Armed with cigars and bottles of Corona, it became a tale of summer street life in loosely cut tailoring and rainforest print, and long heated nights in dusty pinks and blues that had been faded out by the sun. None of these men would have looked out of place playing dominos or drinking rum, and each one of them presented another page to the story of 1950s Havana style.

Rather than take us forward in fashion with new fabrics, Hentsch chose to keep her summer collection fresh with an exploration of colour and print. Incredibly wearable, each outfit was sported with ease, whether it was a softly tailored and block striped jacket left open to reveal a comfortable grey sweatshirt and gold chain; or diamond printed crop sleeved shirt with matching trousers, worn together and paired with a floral 90s style sun hat. Every look was the perfect combination of relaxed cool in a combination of classic style and luxe sportswear. All were topped off with a different pair of vintage shoes, whether boxing boots or Nike high-tops.

One thing that was lacking in London this season was colour, perhaps influenced by the grey weather from earlier on in the year; so it was a welcome break to escape to a South American summer of dusty style. A heated collection of urban style, Hentsch Man’s lightweight outerwear, loose chinos and casual printed tailoring was exactly where we want next summer to end up.

Text: Hannah Fickling