Adagium by Román Gómez

Adagium by Román Gómez

The definition for “adagium” is derived from “adage (/ˈædɪdʒ/; Latin: adagium) a short and memorable, usually philosophical saying which holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people”. Román Gómez is a Mexican artist who wanted to  capture the experience  of feeling comfortable when liberated through queerness.

We recommend you listen to what was described as “ethereal” whilst looking through the story. Danse Macabre’s “Camille Saint Saëns” was the key musical piece and place of inspiration for Gómez.


Photo + art direction: Román Gómez, follow here and here

Models: Jorge Fernandez at @mxmodels

Nora T-rex – @itsnorasweetie at @newiconmodels

Styling: Pau Collado + Raymundo Montiell

Makeup: Liz Jardón

Hair: Oscar Monroy

Nails: Diego Algodón

Lighting: Gabriela Alatorre

Set assistant: Andrés Olvera

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