The Making of 'Dirty Love', An Interview with Young British Talent

The Making of 'Dirty Love', An Interview with Young British Talent

Here at XXY we all agree, the sign of a worthy music video is one that compels you to watch it over and over because it endures to linger in your head, and you just can’t help yourself but to indulge in viewing it repeatedly. Of course, an integral element of this sensation is a great song, and the latest installment from the talented Londoner Basheba has everything that is essential for this magical formula.  Featuring singer/songwriter and fellow Londoner Jordan Reece, Dirty Love (Your Love), is a beautiful compilation of break beats and potent, ethereal harmonies.

What is most refreshing about this video is that the music and the visuals tell a story. You feel like an onlooker in tune with another existence, and as the powerful, yet delicate story unfolds you become more and more drawn in. The visuals, directed by Luke Nugent and Joe Beverly are a gripping and cinematic, an inspiring example of young British talent.

We were able to chat with the gifted gang about their latest collaboration and what they will be working on next.


XXY: Why do you think it is important for artists and musicians to collaborate?

Jordan: I think it is extremely important to collaborate with other musicians and creatives; it gives you the opportunity to expand on ideas and to learn from others, plus I love seeing how photographers and film makers interpret music visually. It was great working with the team on the Dirty Love video as the vision for it really encapsulated the vibe of the song and approached the lyrics from a new angle. We luckily had a really dedicated team who saw where we were going with it from the start, which I think translates in the finished film.

Basheba: I think collaborating with other artists is very important. The industry is so incestuous and very hard to break into so I think it is good to meet and work with other artists and share opportunities. I’ve never had too much help with trying to break into this industry. I know how it feels to be the outsider trying to get in so I like to help others get their foot in this ever so tiny door.

XXY: What was the most valuable thing you gained from working together, did you find you influenced each other in any way?

J: Working with Laurie (Basheba) on this single has been great, It was my first time writing and recording a duet and definitely has opened me up to collaborating with other vocalists, also its helped me find my own sound quite a lot which was something I was struggling with for a while.

XXY: How did you guys come to working together?

Basheba: Jordan and I went to school together. He’s always been super talented and I have always loved his voice so I had to get him on a track.

J: Basheba contacted me and suggested we make a track together after hearing some of my demos. It really has been a dream collaboration and I feel things fell into place really well. I’m hoping we’ll write another track together this time for my EP, it would be great to see what else we can come up with.

XXY: It is an intriguing dynamic that the characters have within the video, what was the inspiration behind them and the narrative?

Luke: The narrative really was just something that came to me after developing the aesthetic, I knew I wanted to set it in a kind of new era, 80’s alternative skinhead-ish scenario, keeping it very British and gritty. Luckily I have decent contacts with modelling agencies and ended up with a pretty ideal cast.

The old lady in the video is an old friend and was the guardian of one of my best friends, shes a very motherly figure and I wanted to sort of ‘immortalise’ her and I felt her role in the film really reflected her as a person. Its kind of a homage to the way people really admire her for being such a kind and caring person… she is adored and I wanted to convey that in a fun/macabre way.

XXY: In three words, how would you best describe your musical style?

B: I would say – Emotive, macabre and soulful.

XXY: Jordan, you also do a bit of modelling in your spare time, do you think the music and fashion industry are closely linked?

J: Yes definitely, I’ve made loads of great contacts through modelling and it definitely helps me promote myself as an artist. Modelling has helped me explore and build an image for myself and instilled a lot of confidence in me that I guess I lacked a few years back.

XXY: What musical/art endeavours have you got planned that we can look forward to in the future?

J: I have a few collaborations in the pipeline with some great producers and musicians, which I am really looking forward to getting to work on. I’m hoping to release an EP by the beginning of next year and maybe my first single in early autumn if all goes to plan.

B: I’m currently finishing off my EP which is due for release around July/August and already starting on my album project.

L: I’m producing the video for Basheba’s next single which should be released later in the year. It’s a big idea but I reckon we’ll pull it off nicely. I love having a continued working relationship with artists and helping build an aesthetic that grows and familiarises audiences with their music.

XXY: Finally, what are you each listening to at the moment and what new music would you recommend to our readers?

B: I’m loving Max Marshall and MNEK at the moment. I think they are both ones to watch.

J: I am really enjoying Paloma Faith’s new album, loving the mix of disco, funk and soul. Also I can’t stop listening to Banks, I’m really looking forward to her album release and Elli Ingram is definitely one to watch out for this summer.

L: Robyn & Royksopp’s new mini album, also really looking forward to Roisin Murphy releasing new material later this year.


Listen to Basheba  and Jordan Reece

Watch Dirty Love (Your Love)


Written by Claire Silvanna Cullen


Visuals by Amber Anderson