David Koma A/W 14

David Koma A/W 14

David Koma A/W 14


Every fashion article that I write I feel I need to put an immediate disclaimer. I know as much about fashion as any 21-year-old woman who reads the Sunday Times ‘style’ section knows about fashion. I know who Lily Cole is. I know that sandals with socks were not cool, then cool, then (maybe?) not cool again. I know that more people are wearing patterned trousers now than they were a few years ago. I know that Zara is a safe bet. ­

On the Monday of London Fashion Week I went to the David Koma show in the BFC, and I thought it was great. The models were wearing some really nice clothes, and some of them wore black and blue, which may or may not have been risqué.

I’m being facetious. The clothes were more than nice. They were both straight lined and ethereal- silver shimmering boxes, and delicate harsh lined garbs flitted down the runway one after another. The models looked powerful, angry, and ready to float up to heaven, all at once.

Koma’s unstained, creaseless creations were exactly what you would want to wear to New Years’ Eve – if New Years’ Eve for adults was as you imagined it when you were thirteen. I may have been sucked in by the lights, which were shining a ‘Chrome’ Instagram-like filter on the stage, but the value of ‘couture’ clothing, clothing too expensive to ever drink red wine in, suddenly became evident.

Koma, a Georgian who grew up in Russia, started showcasing designs aged just fifteen, and is now a surprisingly experienced designer, with awards and seasons under his belt.  He was recently appointed the new creative director of Thierry Mugler, a fashion house even I have heard of, and Jennifer Lawrence has worn something that he personally designed, which must, for the uninitiated, be the greatest fashion accolade one can gain. Expect great things.

Text: Eliza Easton

Images courtesy of style.com