XXY Presents: Damask Roses in Space

XXY Presents: Damask Roses in Space

Irene Kostas spoke with our Fashion Contributor, Nina Burrell on her latest fashion film directed by Jesse Auersalo “Damask Roses in Space”. As the Founder and Designer of Onar has contributed this latest project to Jan Švankmajer – we knew this would be good.


Nina Burrell: The movements within the video seem to be quite spiritual; is spirituality important to your brand?  

Irene Kostas: I do have a holistic approach to life. In my brand, spirituality means respect and modesty, along with transparency. Respect for nature, humans, the past and the future.  


NB: Within the video, there seems to be a clash between the past and the future, do you think it’s important that we take aspects from the past in order to create for the future?  

IK: Definitely, I think that reflecting the past needs to be done in order to understand and to be able to create for the future.


NB: The film is named “Damask Roses in Space”, which presents a clash between natural and more alien elements. How is this reflected in the collection? Also, was space exploration something you thought about when designing it?

IK: I have always been very drawn to space, and it has influenced the design process of “Damask Roses in Space”. The collection is built around a never-ending party in outer space, where you dance on rose petals in air heavy with the scents of incense and chrism. In that spirit, the minimalist silhouettes are paired with luxuriously plush bombers, vests and capes, and sculptural garments are decorated with petal-shaped shearling patches.


Written by Nina Burrell,


Visuals courtesy of Irene Kostas