Couture Week 2015: Elie Saab

Couture Week 2015: Elie Saab

Couture Week 2015: Elie Saab

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There’s no need for daywear when Elie Saab’s perfectly tailored silhouettes shimmer with their decadent intricacies that make even the mid-noon sunshine seem less bright. And then there’s couture which no one can do better than the Beirut-based designer himself. If anything it is what is expected and looked out for in that mystical seven-letter-word- week. Illuminated chandeliers, iridescent surface of pearls combined with the majestic beauty of haute couture. If this isn’t poetry, then what is?

Watching his collection is like a theatrical experience that one is almost a part of and this season’s presentation was no different. Playing with chandeliers, Saab created ornate looks in gowns, dresses with detailed tulles and train. The subtle beadwork in the form of pearls and sequins against the backdrop of the shimmering crystals was truly mesmerizing to say the least.

Hues like blush pinks, reds, champagne and icy blues that came in a lightly gathered manner made for a complete couture experience. The combination of long sleeves in decorative sheer and waists cinched delicately with ribbons of satin was utterly lavish. The knee-grazing dress in A-line cuts were loose, flowy and summery. However, with an added jacket dunked in embellishment in pearl printed silk or ornamental motifs, it just becomes an exquisite piece in itself. While the sequins acted as great garnishing for the collection, there were also a round of perfectly layered gowns with nothing to prettify them other than the monochromatic colours in chiffon and muslin. By showcasing pieces minus the usual frou-frou, Elie Saab proved yet again that he is known for immaculate design which does not solely rest on embellished details.

Calming colours, jeweled beadwork, chasing hemlines, pocketed gowns with fox fur stole wrapped up for subliminal experience and layers of embroidered train was what you got from Elie Saab. However if you’re looking for eccentric prints, risqué fabrics meshed with elegance founded through excess? You might have to look further for this. With him, the bar is set for timelessness and grandeur; one which comes with the classic Cinderella, yet this is about a dress, not a man.


Text: Shweta Ganesh